14 of the most influential producers in the history of cinema | Entertainment

Film producers are some of the most creative and commercial contributors to the film industry, working their magic behind the scenes to make sure we’re entertained.

Many of us have heard of Hollywood’s heavyweight directors – the Steven Spielbergs and Martin Scorses of the world – and of course the actors in front of the camera get the lion’s share. But there are countless film producers who rarely get their props, despite being responsible for hiring prop masters on set.

So what exactly do movie producers do? Film producers are responsible for overseeing all phases of production, hiring the creative team (often including the director and other key leadership roles), and are usually the go-to person when actors and team need help.

giggster dug through film history and compiled a list of 14 of the most influential producers whose careers have been mostly spent playing a hands-on role in film development (as opposed to the types of financiers serving as executive producers) from the pre-to post-production. From Jordan Peele, whose first film “Get Out” (which he also produced) tackled themes of modern and historical racism, to Fran Walsh, who helped bring Middle-earth to the screen, the emphasis is placed on producers who have been heavily involved in the creation of films, as well as those who have become pioneers for their cinematic ideologies and craftsmanship.