5 times Southend Pier has appeared on TV and in music videos

SOUTHEND’s iconic pier was back on TV this week in the latest series of Eastenders.

Several places in the city served as the setting for an episode broadcast Thursday evening.

This isn’t the first time the pier has been used for TV series filming, so here’s a quick look back at other times producers have used the attraction for shows.


The pier has been used in many episodes in the past and will no doubt be used again.

One of the show’s most dramatic moments was captured on the pier in 2011, which saw a confrontation between multiple characters take place at the end of the pier.

Villain Rob was thrown into the Thames as Ryan sought to save his sister Whitney.


Another BBC 1 show – but one that no modern audience may have heard of.

The comedy series ran for 10 series between 1979 and 1994.

Southend Pier featured in the end credits of an episode which showed unscrupulous businessman Arthur Daley and his bodyguard Ray walking on the pier.

When they reach the end, Arthur realizes he left his lighter at the other end and they then have to walk back – mostly because Arthur is too “tight” to pay for the return train ride.

Great British Rail Journeys

Iconic host Michael Portillo stopped by Southend Pier during the third series of the popular BBC2 show.

He shared his memories of Southend before jumping on the pier train and enjoying a ride to the other end.

Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

Southend Pier became the home of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his childhood friend turned TV presenter, Jimmy Doherty, for their Chanell 4 programme.

The duo set up their own cafe based at the end of the pier and filmed several series there between 2014 and 2019.

The show saw the cafe filled with members of the public and one celebrity guest each week who helped cook a dish of their choice – under the watchful eye of expert Jamie.

Alison Moyet’s music video for ‘When I Was Your Girlfriend’

It may not have appeared on TV, but has over a million hits on YouTube.

The video was shot in 2013 and saw Moyet walking down the pier with his real life daughter, Caitlin, while syncing the song.

Moyet called the pier “a place that figured prominently in my youthful years”.