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Over the past five years, Alex Alvga’s work as creative director for country star Kane Brown has produced a catalog of eye-catching and thought-provoking work, dating back to 2017’s “Heaven” music video. More recently, their ongoing collaboration includes clips such as “Worldwide Beautiful,” which earned Brown his first ACM Video of the Year in 2021, and the CMT Male Video of the Year winning clips for “Worship You” and “Lose It.”



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“I was always the weird kid who didn’t like video games or sports,” says Alvga, who grew up in Barcelona. “I was obsessed with music and watched live concerts on TV all the time.” He remembers becoming particularly obsessed with Depeche Mode, saying he would watch all of their videos and citing the work of their creative director Anton Corbijn as a main influence.

Alex Alvga and Kane Brown on the set of the music video for “Like I Love Country Music”

Angelea Presti

Recognizing Alvga’s passion for film and music, Alvga’s father bought him a camera when he was 17. After building up a portfolio on property, weddings and corporate events, Alvga began reaching out to group directors, which led to a last-minute bid from the UK group. Lie to protect. “They wanted someone to capture their performances in [Spain], wondering if I was attending their show in Madrid, which was the next day,” Alvga recalled. “I said ‘yes’, even though it wasn’t true. I quickly bought a plane ticket to go there.

Alvga kept adding to his resume. While touring the UK and US with singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides, the artist’s tour manager introduced Alvga to Brown’s manager, who was looking for a videographer/photographer for the CMA Festival that year. As a trial, Alvga was asked to capture Brown’s CMT Music Awards performance (which, at the time, was held the day before the festival). “The next day I was offered the full-time job,” says Alvga. “I moved to the United States on a permanent work visa two months later, and it all started from there.”

Below, Alvga breaks down three of Brown’s most impactful music videos.

“Beautiful all over the world”

In June 2020, Brown released the pivotal track “Worldwide Beautiful”, a song that promoted peace and unity during a time of civil unrest. The video’s post-apocalyptic visual – which provides a dark juxtaposition – was filmed in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, with all editing, color corrections and visual effects completed in just two weeks. “It was during the Black Lives Matter period, when all the riots were going on,” Alvga recalled. “For me, it was like, ‘Why all this division?'”

He came across a video online of two children playing together, which inspired the video. “I thought to myself, ‘If we had a world where children weren’t influenced by adults, what would the world be like?’ “, he recalls. “There’s the opening scene with a burning car in the background, but there’s a man who’s so focused on his phone, and yet he’s got a car near him that could explode at any moment. But then you see kids playing in the middle of all that destruction. It’s just playing with that vibe over and over again – that even in the devastation, kids can make the most of things.

“Loose it”

Early in his work with Brown, Alvga began setting the pattern for an arc of videos that forgo much of the stereotypical imagery of country videos – the video for “Lose It” centers on sparkling desert scenes. and hot rather than country roads, with Brown driving a Camaro instead of the required truck. “Being of [Barcelona], I had no cultural reference when it came to country music,” he explains. “When I started making videos, there were people saying, ‘Hey, that’s not going to work for country music – that’s not what we usually do. When you talk about country music, a lot of people just want to do a normal video with a van, Broadway, whiskey. But Kane’s music is much more than that. I feel like we’ve broken down barriers there and created a new experience for country music fans as well.

“Thank God”

The video for Brown’s latest release, “Thank God” – a collaboration between Brown and his wife Katelyn which currently sits at #35 on BillboardThe Country Airplay chart of – frames the couple’s connection and relationship. The video was filmed over two days in Oahu, Hawaii, near where the film jurassic park and tv show Lost were filmed. “It was an idea that Kane and Katelyn had,” Alvga says. “They wanted tropical and beach vibes for the video. They have a beautiful family with two children and are so young and amazing together. When you see them and hang out with them behind the scenes, you can see that connection. I felt the best way to do this was to show them that they were having fun and being themselves.