Amazon has promised all James Bond films will hit theaters

Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli says Amazon is committed to releasing future films from the long-running franchise in theaters.

According to long-standing James bond producer Barbara Broccoli, Amazon will continue to ensure that future films in the franchise hit theaters. The multinational conglomerate bought MGM Studios in May 2021, which owns the rights to the James Bond franchise with Broccoli’s Eon Productions. Broccoli has produced many films in the franchise, starting with Golden eye in 1995, see you next time No time to die release scheduled for October 8.

Amazon bought Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in May 2021 for a total of $ 8.45 billion, following reports that parent company MGM Holdings was seeking a sale in 2020. The purchase enabled Amazon to access MGM’s extensive catalog, including the Rocky franchise, The Handmaid’s Tale, Nia DaCosta Candy, and the James bond franchise. The company had confirmed that No time to die would receive a theatrical release upon purchase, and has now reiterated its commitment to bringing future spy adventures to the big screen.

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As reported by Deadline, Broccoli discussed the future of the franchise in a chat with a UK broadcaster Sky before No time to dieis the first. The producer told the broadcaster during the discussion of the streaming vs. cinema debate that every movie will be made with theatrical releases as the primary goal in mind. Broccoli then reiterated Amazon’s previous assurances, saying the company had told him that any future James bond the films will receive theatrical releases. Despite this, Broccoli ended his response by stating that they would see what happened, leaving room for any future changes. Read Broccoli’s full answer below.

“We focused on making the films for theatrical release and… I think that’s our position. [Amazon] certainly told us that movies will be motion pictures in the future. And we’ll see what happens. “

Concerns about the future of the franchise first surfaced after the announcement of the MGM purchase. Old James bond writer John Logan has expressed concerns about Amazon’s direction of the franchise, sharing his fears in an essay in The New York Times. Logan compared the creative process behind the franchise as more family-friendly rather than the process behind other big franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, saying that he and producers Broccoli and Michael Wilson have had extensive and passionate discussions about them. film directions. Logan was concerned that the Amazon takeover would lose this element of the process, sacrificing originality and artistic creativity for a safe and engaging customer experience.

Questions about the future of James bond are an understandable concern in today’s landscape of the film industry for a multitude of reasons. Logan’s concerns are rooted in recent changes in the industry, such as The Walt Disney Company canceling many small films following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, while retaining large franchise productions such as James. Cameron Avatar suites. Concerns have also been raised about the future of theatrical releases after studios rethought their strategies following closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with No time to dieThe release of is a matter of concern for UK theaters. With shifting strategies and companies seemingly focused on building a pipeline of reliable and familiar releases, the future of franchises like James bond will remain a hot topic in the industry for years to come.

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Source: Deadline

  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: 08 Oct 2021

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