Award-winning director Chen Juhui arrested for filming pornographic videos

How desperate does it take to resort to desperate measures? A 38-year-old Chinese director hit rock bottom during the pandemic. As he struggled to make ends meet, he decided to ditch the moral field in order to make some quick cash.

Chen Juhui (沈 的 辉) was a stage director who graduated from the Shanghai Drama Academy (上海 戏剧 学院). His works include “Tonglin Bird (同 林 鸟)”, “The Heavenly Dream Of The Hibiscus (天 梦 之 木槿花 开)” and “The Vanished Murderer (消失 的 凶手)”. He was arrested on June 23 for filming pornographic videos.

Source: Weibo / Chen Juhui

Chen first ran a media company. However, thanks to the pandemic, his company’s revenues have fallen sharply. When his friend heard about his troubles, he came up with an idea; filming pornography. They decided that one would be in charge of filming and editing, the other would be in charge of finding the actors and scripts. In October 2020, they officially started their operation.

Their first actress was a 30-year-old woman nicknamed Mei (美). According to Mei, Chen had told her that the films would be registered by a legal company. He added that the films would be released overseas and it was not illegal. Mei believed it, at least until a friend reposted a video of her on WeChat. “I panicked and went to director Chen for (ask about this),she said. Chen quashed her concerns by saying that the films had been sent overseas but had to be returned to China. With her concerns assuaged, Mei continued to film more pornographic videos.

Source: Weibo / Xiang Jun Liao Zhenghua

Chen reportedly earned 30,000 yuan (around RM19,000) per video. Since his business took off in October, he has made a profit of nearly one million yuan. However, he did not predict his fall on June 23. Apparently, Chen’s activities were only noticed because a 12-year-old boy was watching the porn videos. The boy’s mother noticed that her son was spending money on a certain app and thought she was being ripped off. She reported the problem to the police and when they investigated, it was discovered that Chen’s operation was in Shanghai.

Chen was arrested at his home in Shanghai with Mei and another actress. Police reported the incident on their Weibo. Netizens later realized it was Chen because his Weibo stopped updating around the same time news of the arrest was released. It’s a shame because his last Weibo article in May reported that his film “Riding the Wind, Riding the Moon and Traveling with Worries (乘風 乘 月 乘 憂 去)” won three awards, including best director and best film.

Source: Weibo / Xiang Jun Liao Zhenghua / Chinese Online Police
Source: Weibo / Chen Junhui / Chinese Police Online

The esteemed director isn’t the only one whose scandal has been exposed by police. The prostitution issue of international pianist Li Yundi (李云迪) was disclosed last week in much the same way.

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