Balloch man launches new business venture with easing of Covid restrictions

A Balloch man has told how the easing of Covid restrictions finally ended a 15-month wait to launch his business.

Marc McLean, a former Lennox Herald reporter, has been doing videography work since 2018 and was set to launch a video production company in October 2020 – until strict lockdowns halted his plans.

Two months later, the country entered a second full lockdown, hitting the pause button in any hope of launching its video production business.

Marc said, “I had been planning for several months to start a business producing videos for small businesses, the type of content they could post on their website and social media.

“Online video marketing is huge now, and I thought this type of service would be really beneficial for many small businesses in this space that had experienced a real downturn in business due to the pandemic.

“By this time in the summer of 2020 shops, pubs, restaurants etc were all open for business but things started to change.”

As the number of Covid cases began to rise, new restrictions on home visits and a nationwide curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants were introduced in September.

The following month, the Scottish government tightened restrictions, such as ordering approved premises to close and canceling indoor exercise classes and non-professional contact sports clubs.

Marc, 39, said: “We have a lot of great small businesses here in West Dunbartonshire, who have worked so hard for decades to get things done, and the pressure has really been put on them through it all.

“I had been in touch with Business Gateway, had everything in place and was about to apply for the £500 seed grant – but it was useless at the time.

“My business aimed to help other businesses with video marketing – and many of them were either forced to close or had seen a huge drop in customer base due to the restrictions.

“I live in Balloch, which has always been a bustling tourist spot for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately it’s been like a ghost town for much of the past two years.

“Now hopefully as the restrictions ease this week, and as we seem to be breaking Covid’s back with this weaker variant, businesses will start to thrive again over the next year.”

With nightclubs reopening, major indoor events resuming and social distancing rules being scrapped on Monday last week, Marc officially launched his new business the same day.

Marc said, “It’s called Uplevel Your Biz. Now is a good time to go, as most people now seem much more positive about the future.

“Writing and videography are my passions, and I can creatively combine my journalism background with video production skills, while helping small businesses at the same time.”

Visit Marc’s website here.