Camden Arts Center honors late poets for National Poetry Month

Primas paid tribute to the late Sandra Turner-Barnes and Lamont Dixon, both revered in the arts community.

Dixon was a poet whose demeanor and subject matter often reminded Primas of legendary writer and performer Gil Scott Heron.

Turner-Barnes was a well-known poet, arts administrator and member of the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Primas said.

“She became a mentor to me. And we always talked about the work we were doing. We would just laugh and say, ‘Culture has a home and Camden’ because we would give artists a platform.

On Sunday’s stage, poets of all ages spoke from the heart, from personal conflicts and from society in general.

Veteran poet Anthony Mohamed used his set to draw attention to violence in the community, inspiring audiences to engage in dialogue that could bring about positive change.

The program was also open to budding poets who were welcomed with open arms by the wider poetic community.

During a regular day at the IDEA center, you’ll find training programs designed to engage local youth, with classes in a variety of fields including video production, music production, writing and more.

It also offers artistic programming throughout the month.