Chicago-based production film wins EIFF Audience Award for Best Picture

The Road Dance – a feature film produced by Chicago-based development and production company Sheridan Road Production – recently received the Audience Award for Best Picture at the prestigious 74th Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF). Voted by the public, The Road Dance was preferred to Pig with Nicolas Cage, as well as Here Today with Tiffany Haddish and Billy Crystal. It was selected as the audience favorite among nearly 200 film and documentary submissions.

Based on the book of the same name by Scottish author John MacKay, The Road Dance is a WWI drama / love story based on real events. It was filmed in the fall of 2021 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic on the isolated Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland. Produced in Chicago by the seasoned film and television crew of Maryilene Blondell and Jim Kreutzer, both residents of Lake Forest, Ill., The Road Dance received this Audience Award following the feature film for Best BAFTA Film 2016. by Kreutzer, Tommy’s Honor, which also premiered at EIFF in 2016. Building on that previous success at the BAFTA Awards, receiving this year’s EIFF Audience Award for Best Picture gives hope that The Road Dance will also be considered for a BAFTA for Best Picture.

“Throughout the film there are themes of triumph over tragedy and resilience against thick and thin. I’m so proud of how my co-producer Maryilene brought these themes to the forefront of the story, and to the way Hermione Corfield brought them to life onscreen, “said Kreutzer.” I think the authenticity of these themes touched the audience at EIFF deeply, and I am delighted to have received their support. “

“The story of Kirsty, performed by the beautiful Hermione Corfield, touched me deeply on a personal level,” Blondell said. “During the four years of development of this project, I have never hesitated to believe that audiences would feel the same once they saw it. We look forward to the rest of the world being so touched by the film that the audience of the EIFF. “

Blondell and Kreutzer attended the festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, with new director Richie Adams from Of Mind and Music and Inventing Adam, and movie stars Hermione Corfield from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation; famous British actor Mark Gatiss from Sherlock, Dracula and Game of Thrones; and popular Scottish actress Morven Christie of Grantchester, The Bay and The Replacement.

The Road Dance is currently in the process of negotiation with distributors, and is also being considered for other film festivals.

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