Chris Hemsworth teases Bigger & Badder Extraction 2 stunts on video

Chris Hemsworth confirms that filming for Extraction 2 is starting soon and announces that the sequel to the action will be “bigger and meaner” than the first film.

Chris Hemsworth promised fans more exciting stunts in Extraction 2. Hemsworth, who rose to fame playing the God of Thunder in Marvel’s Thor, depicts the role of an army veteran turned mercenary in the first Extraction movie. Directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction was based on the graphic novel co-written by Joe and Anthony Russo, who also adapted the screenplay. The action thriller landed on Netflix in 2020 and became the streaming platform’s most-watched original film, with 99 million households watching it in its first four weeks of release. The eagerly awaited Extraction The sequel is slated to begin filming this fall.

Extraction much of the success can be attributed to Hemsworth’s star power and thrilling action sequences. While many critics criticized the film for its overused plot and “White Savior” story elements, it undoubtedly served audiences with several impressive fight scenes. He saw Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake take on a daredevil mission to save the son of an Indian drug lord in Bangladesh. The actor is expected to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel.

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In a new Instagram video, Hemsworth teased that Extraction 2 will have even more thrilling action scenes. The 38-year-old Australian actor’s job was to celebrate the first film’s big win at the recently concluded Taurus World Stunt Awards, where Extraction got the awards for best fight, hardest hit, and best stunt coordination. Hemsworth has released a montage of behind-the-scenes clips showing the film’s stuntmen performing hard-hitting acts such as falling off a roof, rolling in moving cars and jumping off a bridge. According to Hemsworth, fans can expect Extraction 2 to be “bigger and meaner” than the first movie. Check out his post below:

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Hemsworth also revealed that filming for the sequel will begin soon. Recently the Thor star has posted workout videos in preparation for his return to the Extraction together. The end of the original film was ambiguous for Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake, who was seen falling into the river after being brutally injured and shot. However, the epilogue left room for his eventual return. This was confirmed in the teaser for the following film, which was recently released by Netflix.

Now that it’s clear that Tyler survived what could have been a fatal fall, the question isn’t how he survived but what he does afterwards. Will he revert to his mercenary ways or start a new life after his near-death experience? While the plot of the sequel remains unknown, what is certain is that Extraction 2 will feature even more mind-blowing stunts than the original film. It’s set to become a new cinematic saga, which would take Hemsworth from a caped, hammer-wielding god to a certified action hero.

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