Content Creators Go Live Streaming Virtual Bootcamp With Ecamm

Ecamm offers extensive training on improving the quality of video content creation, delivering engaging presentations and virtual events. Get started in the Live Streaming Bootcamp offers a new range of speakers from diverse backgrounds, such as Pat flynn, Leslie Samuel, and Diana gladney.

Katie Fawkes, Marketing Director, says: “We have created a 4-day virtual crash course to cover live video and video production to empower creatives from all industries to build connection, community and trust through video content. . Leap Into Live is all about execution, with an expert safety net to help you create content when you jump into video. “

“The global video streaming industry will be worth approximately 184 billion dollars by 2027. Money can’t buy confidence in today’s economy, and content creators know that it’s shared values ​​that open the doors to future opportunities. Thanks to Ecamm, creators now have the support they need to enter this new era, “says Live Video Strategist, Stephanie Liu.

“Over a year ago, I decided to go back to live streaming after a hiatus. The jump into Bootcamp livestreaming was a life-changing experience. I learned streaming, empowering community and the marketing behind it. I decided to go live. -streaming. Now I work at Ecamm and speak at Bootcamp. # Life-Changing “, says Doc Roc, Community Manager of Ecamm.

“ECamm helps build communities remotely, with intuitive tools and pro-level options allowing us to focus on our content and less on the software,” says Bradley Vinson, Graphic designer.

Tickets are $ 38, with early bird prices available through September 1st. Free tickets are also available. The event is hosted on the Run the World virtual events platform.

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