Corey Feldman Reveals What ‘Traumatized’ Him Most About Filming The Lost Boys, And His Response Involves Glitter

Want to see something ridiculous? Check out the series of movies that Corey Feldman did before he turned 16. Starting in 1984, Feldman’s character was responsible for slowing Jason down in Friday the 13th – The Final Chapter. He followed this with appearances in Joe Dante’s Gremlinsby Richard Donner The Goonies, The adaptation of Rob Reiner from Stephen King’s The Body (entitled support me), and Joel Schumacher’s elegant vampire thriller the lost boys. The latter – one of best horror movies 1980s – turns 35 this year, so Warner Bros. Home Video gives it the 4K polish for a beautiful re-release with amazing coverage. And to promote the film, Feldman and fellow Frog Brother Jamison Newlander sat down with CinemaBlend to reminisce about the filming and the film’s legacy.

See again the lost boys for the first time in years, I realized how involved The Frog Brothers, played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander, were in the decimation of the film’s main vampires. Yes, it’s Nanuk the dog who knocks Dwayne (Billy Wirth) into the bathtub full of holy water. And the “Death by Stereo” moment is iconic. But when Edgar Frog stakes Marko (Bill and Ted star Alex Winter), the brothers are covered in sticky fluids, which Feldman says traumatized him endlessly on set. Feldman said:

Personally, I was traumatized by the slime. People don’t realize the muck that was…every time we killed a vampire, Joel decided he didn’t want to be bloody and gory. He wanted him to still be able to appeal to children. So he knew if it was like real blood, and it looked really dark and intense, the kids would be scared to go see it. Parents wouldn’t want to show it to children. So instead he created this mix of goo with glitter. It was full of glitter, to give it a sparkle, or whatever. And it was really slimy and really gooey, and so once we killed the first vampire, of course, we had to match every day.

This is behind the scenes you might not think when you look the lost boys. Corey Feldman refers to when Sam (Corey Haim) followed the Frog Brothers to the vampire’s lair. The creatures are all hanging upside down, asleep. And Edgar Frog (Feldman) stakes the closest, Marko. This is what is happening.

As you can see on the lip, the boys are sprayed with vampire entrails, resulting in a messy cleanup. As Corey Feldman explained to CinemaBlend:

What they were doing is they were taking us to the set, and they were bringing us up, with mud all over us, and then we were doing this scene. …And then you’d come out of there, and you’d be ripping bits of stuff out of your hair for days. And then they’d be like, ‘OK, the next scene we’re doing is page seven of the movie, starting when you’re in the comic book store. Go clean up!’ SO we’d rush on our bikes to Dick Donner’s office, and we’d take a shower and get changed real quick, and Joel was yelling at us, ‘Where’s Feldman? Where is Newlander? I need it on set!’

The glamorous side of Hollywood cinema. And yet, this effort helped the lost boys become a classic for a generation, a classic that has not been matched despite rumors of make it a tv series or, worse, try to stage a remake on the big screen with new people. Maybe one of them would have included the alternate ending Joel Schumacher planned his original film. I wonder if it also included sequins?

Look for the lost boyswhich is currently available in 4K Ultra HD and digital.