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A literary journal, a student journal, a video production, a graphic design: these are just a few of the projects carried out by 1704 Media Production, newly formed by the students of Elizabeth City State University. Located on the first floor of the ITC building, the group of students, led by program director Clarence Goss and administrative assistant Ella Holley, held their official kick-off reception on Tuesday, November 9.

This is a new initiative, says Goss, through the Academic Affairs and Academic Communications Division. The aim is to give creative students an outlet to showcase their skills and talents, learned in the classroom, in a real professional setting.

“It is an active and functional media production company where selected students from ECSU have the opportunity to lead and help on projects for the university, as well as on projects of partners and collaborators. community, ”said Mr. Goss.

Students come from a variety of academic backgrounds, ranging from English and digital media to history and graphic design majors. They play a number of roles including editor, photographer, graphic designer, artist, writer, etc.

Projects currently on the table include a literary magazine, The Legacy, the live music series Check the Resume, and the relaunch of the student newspaper, The Compass.

Check the Resume is one of the first projects to integrate the talents of the creatives of ECSU. Launched in 2020 as a live series, COVID-19 protocols bring performances online, creating an opportunity for students to produce videos for the series’ You Tube channel.

Check the Resume continues as a series of live performances featuring talented students, but it also remains an online sensation, providing not only musicians a venue for their talents, but 1,704 student volunteers as well. by Media Production. You can see the videos HERE.

The Legacy, according to Mr. Goss, is a literary journal in digital format. Led by creative writing professor Brande McCleese, the journal features not only original writings by ECSU students, but original artwork as well.

One of the most anticipated projects of this group of students is the return of the campus newspaper, The Compass. The Compass has a long history of award-winning academic journalism and while its past life existed as a traditional print newspaper, The Compass will now be a biannual digital publication, student editor Veronica Downing said.

“We want this to be the voice of the students,” Ms. Downing said.

Ms Downing, with co-editor Hailey Ryan, says they accept submissions from students of any major, with or without writing experience. The key, she says, is having something to say about life on or off campus.

“No skill, just come with a voice,” she said.

The 1704 Media Production group is also involved in community projects. Mr. Goss says the student team is currently working on a grant with the North Carolina Project Gambling Project to help with the organization’s rebranding efforts.

The students are also, says Mr. Goss, working with the North Carolina Museum of History on its African-American cultural celebration. They are producing video footage for the project.

Students also produce projects to help students. Timothy Streeter is working on a Criminal Justice Program video that involves interviewing students about their decision to specialize in the program and their goals for the future.

“The goal is to get their experience and why they chose criminal justice and what its impact will be on them,” he said.

Mr Goss said there were future projects underway. The 1,704 students could eventually take over the production of the provost’s bulletin for the Academic Affairs Division, to name just one.

In the meantime, those interested in following their work, reading original content produced by ECSU students, can go HERE.

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