“Depraved”: a man convicted of having sex with a pet dog

A 56-year-old man will spend nine months behind bars after being convicted of a series of disturbing sex acts, including with his own pet dog. According StokeonTrentLiveDean Beer, a British man, recorded himself having sex with his dog and then shamelessly sent the video to someone on Facebook Messenger.

But that’s not all: Beer also allegedly uploaded illegal child sexual abuse images on the Internet. When arrested, he was found in possession of inappropriate photos of underage girls and footage of women having sex with horses and dogs.

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The footage of Dean Beer “having sex” with his dog was discovered by police who had been dispatched to his home in Stoke-on-Trent, a city in central Britain. They allegedly received information about an inappropriate image uploaded online.

The local court hearing the case heard the man had an “unhealthy and depraved interest in bestiality”. Prosecutor Maria Brannan said when officers recovered his phone after entering his home in July 2020, they found a treasure trove of evidence on the device: sexual images featuring girls aged 13 to 15, three extreme pornographic images and six still images and two animated images of sexual images. activity with dogs and a horse.

Brannan said: “The search term ‘dog porn’ was used six times. A conversation was found on Facebook Messenger between the accused, “Taffy Dean”, and a person who has not been arrested. The conversation concerned the sexual abuse of the defendant’s dog. The other person encouraged the accused to film himself performing a penetrative sex act on his dog. The accused committed the act and sent the film to the other person.

Beer’s attorney, Andrew Molloy, pleaded with presiding judge David Fletcher to suspend the sentence, but the judge an immediate prison sentence was the appropriate punishment for his client.

“He is quite embarrassed by his conduct. He says it’s not in his character to behave like this. It’s been almost two years since and he hasn’t been involved in any issues. He has self-referred to a mental health facility and is committing well,” he said.

As part of his sentencing, Beer was also placed on a Sexual Offense Prevention Order (SHPO) and placed on the Sex Offender Register for the same period. The judge also ordered the confiscation and destruction of the seized phone.