Dutch vegetable and pulses company HAK to halt all production for six weeks

HAK is one of the biggest vegetable brands in Northern Europe. Now the company looks set to halt all production for six weeks due to high energy costs. Timo Hoogeboom, managing director of the Dutch vegetable and pulses company, said: “With current energy prices, it is not possible to continue production in winter. It’s not just the high price, but also the uncertainty.

“Today, it’s two euros per cubic meter of gas. It was also three euros at times. What will happen in January or February, we don’t know. So just to be sure, we will remain closed then. According to Hoogeboom, HAK products will be on the shelves, however, as the company plans the break when the harvest season is already over.

Due to the energy crisis, HAK, which picks vegetables from fields during the harvest season and then stores them in glass jars for preservation, said the heating required for the process consumes a lot of energy. The jars needed for this process are also more expensive due to the increased cost of energy.

Hoogeboom also said it expects its prices to continue to rise: “Our applesauce has already become about 20 cents more expensive. If energy prices remain this high, you must be thinking that all products will become 30% more expensive.

Source: euroweeklynews.com