Dwayne Johnson calls Black Adam a career defining in new ending video

It’s clear Johnson deeply appreciates the hard work the cast and crew of “Black Adam” did to make the film a reality, but the feeling goes both ways. The closing video begins with a member of the team thanking Johnson for his work, stating that his “generosity and professionalism is incredible”, before passing the microphone and giving the floor to Johnson’s remarks. Johnson first thanked everyone “from the bottom of my bones for the commitment and sacrifice”, saying that with everything they’ve been through the group has “been family over the years.” Now that their journey is over, Johnson can’t wait for the world to finally see “Black Adam,” and according to Johnson’s post alongside the video, he truly believes the next film will be a “one-time event in a career.” for him. Considering everything Johnson has accomplished in his career so far, this is a pretty important statement.

While the number of years it took for “Black Adam” to come to fruition is amazing in itself – with only the most dedicated cast and creators hooked on such a long project – Johnson has also prepared a lot physically and mentally to play this character. As fans can see from the various Instagram posts giving insight into the actor’s workout routine, Johnson swelled more than anyone thought possible to play the iconic anti-hero Black Adam, and he carefully researched the character’s background in order to accurately describe him-screen. Considering all the effort put into “Black Adam” by everyone involved, fans can understand the confidence the actor has in the project, and Johnson certainly deserves “Black Adam” to be a career-changing movie.

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