Eli Manning shares work-from-home issues while filming Manningcast

The stars, they are like us! Most of us have never played NFL quarterback, won a Super Bowl, made $252.2 million in our careers, or made millions more in endorsements and as a commentator. the NFL. However, there is at least one way to identify with Eli Manning. The former New York Giants QB saves the Monday night football Manningcast with his brother, Peyton Manning, from his home in New Jersey, and he has the same work-from-home issues that many of us face on a daily basis.

Eli Manning shared what it’s like to record the Manningcast from home

Eli Manning and his children | Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Manningcast, the ESPN alternative Monday night football broadcast, took the NFL world by storm last season. Two Super Bowl-winning NFL QB brothers cut it, talk football and interview celebrities FMN (especially blowouts) infinitely more interesting to watch.

Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions is producing the show, which involves both Peyton and Eli Manning video conferencing from “man caves” at their homes in Denver, Colorado and New Jersey, respectively.

On ESPN Sunday night countdown, ahead of the NFL Week 1 slate, Eli joined the Countdown Crew to talk Manningcast and discuss what it’s like to work from home on Monday nights. And, believe it or not, Eli’s work-from-home situation is incredibly relatable.

Host Samantha Ponder asked Eli about his broadcast setup, and the two-time Super Bowl champion shared what it’s like doing the Manningcast from home:

“I have dinner with the family at seven o’clock, I go downstairs around seven-thirty. Children usually come with me. They’re running around, they’re seeing the cameras and they’re excited. Manning told Ponder. “And there’s a few times during a TV downtime, I have to text the woman, ‘Hey the dogs are barking, I hear Charlie yelling, we need to calm him down. “”

Now most of our jobs don’t involve throwing zingers at our Hall of Fame brother or chatting with Tom Brady, The Rock or Snoop Dogg. Still, many of us can relate to the issues of working from home with a partner, kids, and pets in the other room.

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