Everett-based Night Shift Brewing Co. largely shifts to contract brewing

On July 27, Everett-based Night Shift Brewing announced via a lengthy Instagram post that it would transfer the majority of its beer production to Jack’s Abby and Isle Brewers Guild via contract brewing relationships (each already brewing some of its beers) and will likely lay off most of its 12-person production team effective October 1. outgrew its Everett facility, and the pandemic canceled a planned expansion to Philadelphia that would have alleviated issues with the original location.

A report in beer publication Good Beer Hunting digs deeper into the decision, detailing a tough few years for Night Shift: spending millions to accelerate growth but hitting roadblocks to scale the business, roll back the Philadelphia expansion, sell his distribution company and spend a lot improving equipment but not solving logistical problems at the Everett space. The CO2 problem may have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” as Night Shift co-founder Rob Burns told Good Beer Hunting, but deeper issues have been looming ever since. several years.

Night Shift’s announcement says none of its tasting rooms or beer gardens will be closing, and contractual brewing relationships should mean there won’t be any major disruptions to beer supplies. Once the CO2 issues are resolved, the Everett space will likely be used to continue brewing beer, but on a smaller research and development scale. “This is a huge threat to our business, but the business itself is not dissolving,” the team writes, noting that the production crew will be paid until October 1 whether there is or not of work to be done, and that those who will eventually be made redundant will receive severance pay. “We will do our best to find roles internally or externally for anyone whose position has been cut because of this situation,” Night Shift wrote. No layoffs are planned for the company’s non-production employees, approximately 140 people.

In addition to its Everett beverage hall and brewery, Night Shift has a beverage hall, brewery, and coffee roasting facility in Boston’s West End, which opened in early 2019, as well a brasserie at the Natick Level99 entertainment venue and a restaurant at the Everett Encore Port casino in Boston. Night Shift also operates several beer gardens in and around Boston; a couple have been operational for a few years now, but the number exploded to six this summer.

Night Shift Brewing is perhaps best known for its range of hoppy ales, including the Whirlpool Hazy Pale Ale and the American IPA Santilli, as well as its light lagers, particularly Nite Lite. But the rotating sour beer series is also highly regarded, and Night Shift also leans into fruity hard seltzers, a bit of wine and cider, and the aforementioned coffee. The company was founded in 2012 by a trio who started homebrewing as a hobby five years earlier.

Night Shift Brewing is located at 87 Santilli Highway, Everett; 1 Lovejoy Wharf, Suite 101, Boston; and beyond.