First Impressions From New MacBook Pro Owners: Benchmarks, Weight, Promotion

It’s officially launch day for the MacBook Pro, and customers around the world who pre-ordered after last Monday’s event are getting their devices today. We’ve seen reviews of the new MacBook Pro models on media sites before, but first impressions from everyday users are now available.

New 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro owners share their thoughts on the MacRumors forums and Reddit, and their information is useful for those expecting their own MacBook Pro and for those still considering a purchase.

MacRumors The James C drive received a 16-inch M1 Pro model with 16GB of memory, which is probably a popular configuration. He performed several benchmarks comparing it to a MacBook Air M1, 2014 iMac, and 2016 MacBook Pro. Its results are useful for those who are upgrading from an older machine and want to see the possible gains.

macrumors forums james c benchmarks 1

macrumors forums james c benchmarks 2
MacRumors Rkuda player highlighted how the menu bar works with full screen applications on new models. On older Macs, the menu bar still appears when you hover your mouse over it, but on newer MacBook Pro models it doesn’t.

For those curious about the weight of new machines compared to old models, MacRumors forum members discuss the differences. Crushed gave a good overview and says the weight is more manageable than you might think.

For as big as he is, I was shocked at how heavy he was just now. It’s much more manageable than a lot of people claim. If portability is a high priority for you, 14 is perfect. The 16 is still very portable and because my top priority is to have a laptop optimized for video production, the 16 is a great fit. I’ll take the extra weight and a little less portability, for a bigger screen, better battery, high power mode and more.

Some readers have been discuss the ProMotion function mini-LED screens on new MacBook Pro models. Kylo83 said the ProMotion feature is “really bad” and the scrolling in Safari is more choppy than on his old 16-inch machine.

I just got the model 16 M1 max and the pro movement is really bad, it’s fine on UI like the scan pages, but on safari it’s actually more choppy than my old i9 16 “and the speakers aren’t as loud as the old MacBook Pro and it doesn’t sound better if anything, the treble is better on the latest model, the screen also has the exact same brightness as the 2019 MacBook and using 4k hdr on youtube it’s only slightly better so to be honest everything apple said about it is minor i was expecting a big change with the display but it’s just not not there; everyone has an opinion on this

Other readers have also said that there are lag issues in Safari, so this could be a bug that will be fixed in the future. Other MacBook Pro owners have no complaints about the display and the ProMotion.

MacRumors reader LFC2020, which was one of the first to get the new machines in Australia, said that ProMotion is not as noticeable on the MacBook Pro as it is on the iPhone and iPad, and the mini-LED display is “not as good” as the display on the iPad Pro. He also said the battery life is “awesome” and overall a great machine.

MacRumors Prism reader, which improved from a 2020 MacBook Air with an Intel Core i5 chip, said the new 14-inch model is “just day and night” when it comes to responsiveness, display, look and feel.

I’m from an intel i5 2020 MBA and have to say responsiveness, display, look and feel is just day and night.

I am so impressed with the build quality of this “tank” and I am so happy I chose the silver as it contrasts beautifully with the black keyboard and the Apple logo! I’m also glad I didn’t buy last year’s M1 MBA or MBP, I would have felt bad then! All that to say I’m in my element, a happy camper, this machine has pretty much everything I dreamed of that’s why I say good riddance to Jonny Ive, you definitely won’t miss

On Reddit, the-cats-pajamas said that the biggest star of the new MacBook Pro is the display.

The biggest difference so far is the display, I have an LG C8 OLED TV and it easily outperforms it in terms of color and contrast. Mouse use on the 2012 60hz screen seems almost slow now. Most of my use has been installing software at this point so I don’t have much to say about performance yet, but when it comes to the basic user experience, so far this has only been a smooth and responsive navigation.

Got a new MacBook Pro? Let us know your thoughts and first impressions in the comments below.

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