FM launches Trust, designed to empower filmmakers


Trust pledges $15 million to independent filmmakers, providing complete creative freedom – with no financial risk

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, FMthe parent company of Filmsupplthere and musical bedannounces the launch of Trust, a company designed to empower filmmakers by providing meaningful funding, development support and distribution expertise. Trust has committed $15 million for Filmmakers, helping independent filmmakers bring their passion projects to life – without any financial risk. Through funding and marketing support, the company offers filmmakers complete freedom and permission to experiment, whether through a short film, a passion project or a specific commercial. Trust is the latest venture launched under FM, which formed earlier this year.

“We believe one project can be a spark for the rest of a filmmaker’s career,” said FM CEO Daniel McCarthy. “Trust is designed to ignite that spark and increase the speed at which filmmakers can produce (and distribute) their passion projects. By providing the right support, we aim to directly impact the trajectory of their career.

In addition to film financing, Trust also provides services including asset buying, allowing filmmakers to build on previous work that has already served its purpose by selling ownership of the footage or film, bidding on shoots ordered found in Trust’s quarterly memoirs, as well as distribution and aggregation support for films.

Trust has already given life to eight films including a Ciclope finalist, Turn on the light led by IM and Between the years, from director Chloe Hayward, with ten other projects currently underway. As Trust continues to seek independent filmmakers to support, they are actively accepting applications from new filmmakers looking to make their films a reality. To apply, go to

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