‘Game Change Game’ set to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival Powerful documentary gives rare look into the lives of NBA players during unprecedented 2020 season

“This film was born in the wake of the social justice judgment triggered by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others,” said a veteran entertainment executive Christine Normand, THINK450 content manager and producer of the film. “As players were inspired to use their voices to call for justice, we were inspired to create this film to amplify the united response from the NBA’s 450 basketball players and keep the calls for justice ever present.”

With unparalleled access to players in the “NBA bubble”, “game changing gameunfolds as a judgment of social justice played out across the world and sitting on the bench was not an option. The film chronicles how the players grappled with bigger issues than basketball and how the fraternity of 450 players finally came together to use their collective power and influence to engage in real-world conversations and activism around social justice in America. The documentary captures the urgency of the moments that led the players to become agents of change.

“It’s very humbling for me to watch this now and look back on everything we’ve been through as players during this time,” said CJ McCollum, president of the NBPA and one of the actors featured in the film. “With the coronavirus pandemic, social unrest and crucial elections across the country, this film captures such a unique moment in our history and it’s amazing to relive those moments of togetherness and activism that transcend basketball. .”

The documentary mixes personal footage shot by players interspersed with interviews with opinion leaders, recording artists and journalists, including Nikole Hannah Jones, Marc Spearmike killer, as well as social justice activists and victims of police brutality. Actors in the film include CJ McCollum, Jaylen Brown, Andre Iguodala, Malcolm Brogdon, Garrett Temple, Donovan Mitchell, JaVale McGee, Danny Green, Rudy Gobert, Matisse Thybulleand Tobias Harris. NBA Legends Julius Erving, oscar robertson and jerry west are also featured along with the NBA coach and former player Doc Rivers.

Behind the scenes, Norman has assembled a stellar team of directors known for their unique visual style, Spike Jordan and Maxime Quoilin. Jordan and Quoilin’s creative collaboration is grounded in Jordan’s knack for high, thought-provoking conceptual direction and Quoilin’s ability to create dynamic, groundbreaking visuals. “game changing game” is produced by Mrs. Norman, Jonathan Lia and whitney jackson.

game changing game is both timeless and timely,” Mr. Jordan said. “It’s 2022 and we’re still in the midst of Covid and we’re fighting for justice. I hope this film can be a wake-up call and get people talking about the issues and how to bring about the change we need.”

“We started working on this film in the incredibly complex, strict and ever-changing environment of the ‘bubble,'” says Quoilin. “We knew it could go in many directions, but after our initial conversations with gamers, it became clear that gamers wanted to use their platform in a completely new way. And as filmmakers, it was to our duty to shed some light on what they had in mind once they walked out of the locker room and were not just athletes, but sons, brothers, fathers and friends.”game changing game“may be an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s an important watch.”

game changing game” is an integral part of THINK450’s content strategy, which aims to amplify the voice of gamers and connect them to audiences through powerful and impactful storytelling.

“This film is a testament to the collective power of our players and beautifully tells how they stood up as leaders for justice and equality for all,” said Tamika Tremaglio, Director General of the APNB. “I am honored to work with these men and extremely proud of the artful storytelling produced by THINK450 that has been rewarded with this opportunity to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.”

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