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In 2021, a year marked by the pandemic, the U.S. Capitol uprising, violations of reproductive and educational rights, increasing climate injustices, deepening systemic inequalities and more, the fight for justice. social and political was particularly imperative. Through it all, we’ve paid attention to the artists and communities who champion progress and give back in one way or another, supporting or posting their inspiring work along the way. We label each of these stories with the words Good Measure, so we can keep coming back to them for hope, strength, and encouragement. Below are 10 such stories that represent some of the resilience, revolution, and radical art that has occurred this year. They remind us that faith in a brighter, fairer future can never be lost, and we hope they will do the same for you.

Courtesy of RXM Creative

“Not Another Second”, an augmented reality exhibit focused on LGBTQ + seniors

Infographics dot the interior of Not a second more, an exhibition dedicated to the stories of 12 LGBTQ + seniors, centered around captivating portraits by a German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen. Among the images and information from the paid and socially distanced facility, visitors will find the statistic that around three million seniors identify as LGBTQ +. That number is expected to double by 2030. And yet we rarely hear such stories from the mouths of the elderly themselves. Through the use of augmented reality, powered by Studio Kaleida, Thormaehlen’s images come to life and the subjects speak of their years of tragedy, triumph and pride. Open now in The Watermark in Brooklyn Heights (a community of seniors), the exhibition informs, entertains and educates… Read more.

Courtesy of Jorge Morse

Bushwick Community Darkroom rectifies exclusionary past of film photography

When Lucia Rollow drove her Volkswagen down New York’s Long Island Expressway in 2010, she had no idea she was about to found a thriving film photography community and one of the only 24-hour darkrooms. 24 and 7/7 from the city. Recently graduated from college with no pocket money, Rollow longed for a place to continue developing films and perfecting the craft she loves. After scouring NYC looking for an affordable darkroom with no luck, she made one… Read More.

Courtesy of Kelly Pau

Terre à Mer diversifies New York’s café culture and creative community

Another cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is quite normal, but that’s why the neighborhood’s latest addition, Land to Sea, stands out even more. Opening in October, Emily Shum and Eva Zhou’s land to sea fosters a creative and inclusive community, by hosting food pop-ups, art exhibitions and classes, specially designed to uplift artists of color. More than a café, this versatile place reinvents the role of the humble café in supporting the community… Read more.

Courtesy of The Kitchen Without Borders: Recipes and Stories from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs by The Eat Offbeat Chefs / Penny De Los Santos for Workman Publishing © 2021

Interview: Manal Kahi, founder of Eat Offbeat

In 2013, during the conflict that displaced millions of Syrians, about a million of whom sought refuge in Lebanon, Manal Kahi left Beirut for New York to pursue higher education. She was planning on working in multilateral or environmental affairs, but her worry about the crisis in her country and her dissatisfaction with grocery store hummus (obviously two very different issues) set her on a different path. “You can only imagine the extent of the discrimination that ensued,” Kahi tells us of the influx of refugees to his homeland. “And I was gone, with a little guilt in the back of my mind that I couldn’t do anything.” But it was there, “she said,” when I started to think … “Read More.

Courtesy of Geoffrey Barbier

Premiere: “Water is Life” by Holly Miranda

With 100% reduction on the profits of Bandcamp for the non-profit association of conservation and protection of the oceans, Zero Project, singer-songwriter Holly Miranda “Water is lifeDoes more than pop out of the speakers. The jam-bandy track, singing channel, born out of collaboration, protest and performance, aims to do good for the world on many levels. His message is worth singing … Read more.

Courtesy of Fred Buyle

Presentation of Ulysse Nardin’s “Lemon Shark” diver

The story of Ulysses Nardin is linked to the sea. The brand’s on-board marine chronometers are among the most reliable ever, in part because the house is one of the few luxury watchmakers with the in-house expertise to produce luxury watch movements. the highest possible precision. And to mark World Oceans Day This month and on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the brand this year, the Swiss watchmaker presented its latest nautical diver, which is sure to appeal to sea adventurers and landlocked horophiles: the Lemon Shark… Read more.

Courtesy of Mami Wata

Mami Wata’s Proudly African Surfwear Revolutionizes the Surf Industry

Mami Wata (meaning “water mama” in West African Pidgin English) is a water guardian spirit, revered throughout Africa. Legend has it that those she takes as her lovers return to land more beautiful and successful than ever before – a tradition fitting for the surfwear brand that not only bears the name of the Spirit, but whose clothing, embodying African traditions and cultures, crowned the surf label as the first to proudly originate from the continent. Mami wata—Which releases in the US on October 15 — offers culturally and aesthetically rich surfwear, and (like the Spirit) inspires others to come a little closer, offering style and a bit of history in return … Read more.

Courtesy of Bob Bottle

SOFI TUKKER + Amadou & Mariam on their collaborative song for “Red Hot + Free”

When the HIV / AIDS nonprofit Red Hot approached the duo SOFI TUKKER about a song for the Hot Red + Free album (to be released July 2), the two musicians — Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern — have decided that their dream collaboration will be with the legendary Amadou & Mariam. Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia met at the Institute for the Young Blind of Mali and have been making music together since the 1980s. Their genre-changing style combines instruments and influences from all over the world to create an undeniably vibrant sound… Read the following.

Courtesy of Kin Slips

Kin Slips Bridges Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis Use as It Perfects Sublingual Delivery

Alongside the crowd of rapidly evolving cannabis companies, Parentage sheets stands in an alley of their own. The California-branded cannabinoid and terpenes infused sublingual strips dissolve under the tongue after interacting with saliva in the mouth, bypassing enzymes and acids in the digestive tract and releasing the active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. This streamlined delivery method delivers a fast acting, undiluted product that Kin Slips pioneered to create one of the most effective and reliable ways to consume cannabis… Read More

Courtesy of Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch’s “The Beloved Community Collection” raffle benefits NAACP

With 100% of the profits donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Taylor Stitch’s (current) “The Beloved Community Collection” raffle was inspired by the work and words of Dr. Martin Luther King and aims to celebrate his tremendous legacy… Read More.

Hero image courtesy of Red Hot