Helping businesses navigate travel regulation, manufacturing and supply chain oversight

As we look to enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic which began in March 2020, many businesses around the world still face challenges and obstacles in their day-to-day operations in the form of restrictions. of travel, as well as tighter oversight of their manufacturing processes and supply chain management. These challenges are compounded by the many factors that regularly affect multinational companies, especially those headquartered in the United States with overseas teams and operations located halfway around the world.

Fortunately, one company, D-Terra Solutions (D-Terra), has a unique strategic advantage when it comes to helping US manufacturing companies navigate the environments of product development, manufacturing and operations. supply chain in Asia. At a time when many businesses face travel restrictions, as well as manufacturing and supply chain oversight due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, D-Terra remains well positioned to operate as an extension of their US customers’ product and supply chain teams. .

From start-up of manufacturing to steady-state production, through continuous quality control and logistical support, D-Terra helps customers significantly reduce (if not completely eliminate) their travel and support costs on the field in order to better manage their activity as an offshore supplier. These initiatives remained a crucial aspect of D-Terra’s business for years even before the pandemic, but since the start of 2020, they have helped the company and its customers through what has become arguably the most tumultuous time. for matters of recent memory.

“For decades, our organization has helped our corporate customers launch new products while mitigating risk and maintaining strong continuity within their supply chains,” said Mike Billman, Executive Vice President of Sales and of D-Terra Marketing. “While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, our team at D-Terra has discovered that many US companies are turning to our expertise in product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and more than ever before. supply chain. “

Adding credibility to Billman’s point, D-Terra’s team of experts located in Asia has (and continues to) actively manage the best and safest launch process for multiple new product launches for one. of the company’s multi-billion customers located in the United States. As Billman explains, this is in large part due to D-Terra’s contract manufacturing and manufacturing consulting services, which include technical support, performing supplier audits, and providing approval services. production (PPAP) and secure launch.

In addition, continues Billman, our team offers process audits, quality technical support and ongoing product inspections to help our customers meet their business needs, no matter where in the world they or their customers are. teams are found. Recently, we’ve seen other clients engage with D-Terra and our team in Asia to help us identify and research alternative suppliers, or to help them mitigate supply chain risks, and even to reduce their costs where and when it applies.

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