interior design graduate receives her diploma 70 years after her grandmother | Dunn Connection

Carol hosted WBKV’s Housewife’s Exchange, a popular West Bend radio show. She also published a cookbook, featuring recipes called out by listeners.

In Jackie’s first year 3D design class, she participated in School of Art and Design’s Fashion Without Fabric, a student-produced fashion showcase, over the family weekend. Jackie paraded the runway, modeling it with Tianna Rasmussen’s “Goddess of the Future” design.

“My grandmother came to see me. It was the first time in a long time that she had come to campus, ”said Jackie. “She was wearing her ‘Never Underestimate an Old Woman Graduated from UW-Stout’ sweatshirt, which I now wear with pride. From her expression, she couldn’t have been happier to be at the Stout again.

Beginning of his career as a designer

Jackie loved the wide range of art and design techniques and practices in interior design offered by the School of Art and Design. “I learned things that I never thought I would do, like making furniture or creating jewelry,” she said.

She felt lucky to have professors who encouraged her to attend professional design events, where she connected with professionals and mentors.

“It was difficult to go through and finish my degree in four years, but I was very committed to my goal,” she said. “I had amazing teachers and classmates who made it easy for me.”

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