Key Black Widow scene Kevin Feige fought to stay in the MCU movie

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow finally hit theaters last summer, marking the first solo big screen release for Natasha Romanoff by Scarlett Johansson. While the release of the film caused a bit of legal drama behind the camera, the audience seemed mostly satisfied with the spy film. There are a number of memorable scenes, such as Romanoff’s first fight with Taskmaster and Alexei Shostakov’s escape from prison. Believe it or not, a different key scene had to be cut, until studio manager Kevin Feige intervened.

Director Cate Shortland appears to have done a lot of work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. She managed to wow audiences with awesome action sequences and move them with sweet moments of character. One of these is the dinner scene, which sees Natasha and her newfound family reconnect in a tense (but gentle) way. Shortland recently explained why the scene ultimately worked out well for the film:

He doesn’t give you a lot of direction, he’s very free. But it was a scene he felt really needed to be in the movie, and Scarlett and I kept fighting over it, saying, “How will this ever work?” But it has become a very living thing. You have this bunch of castaways together, still desperately trying to hang on to the roles they had in Ohio, because that’s all they know. That’s all they have. And it is beautiful for me.

It’s hard to argue with the feelings the filmmaker shared with Empire. The “beautiful” scene marks the first time Natasha, Alexei, Yelena Bolova and Melina Vostokoff have shared a meal together in decades. On the surface, the purpose of the meeting is for them to discuss how they should deal with villainous Dreykov and his gang of rogue widows. Yet the group also ends up delving into their strained relationships and the baggage they’ve been carrying since their split years earlier.

The MCU is certainly known for its massive action sequences, but the quieter moments are just as memorable for fans. Of course, viewers can remember the epic final battle in Avengers: Endgame, although I’m sure many also remember Steve Rogers’ heartbreaking visit with Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Kevin Feige seems to understand that the show doesn’t have much weight if the fans don’t invest in the characters. In the case of Black Widow, I’m glad he insisted that the intimate scene be kept in the final cut.

However, Cate Shortland also noted the creative freedom the super producer allowed her and her team. This aligns with past comments that have been made about the man who has guided the MCU since its conception. For example, he would have been very open to creative suggestions Raised by director Chloé Zhao while filming Eternals. Wonders director Nia DaCosta also spoke about freedom of creation it was given on Suite directed by Brie Larson.

It seems that, like any good producer, Kevin Feige understands when and when not to intervene. This is surely one of the reasons he has been so successful with this huge superhero franchise. With that, there is a good chance that he will seek to maintain this method of working with filmmakers, and future films (like a potential Black Widow following) would certainly be better for that.

Black Widow is now available on Digital HD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD and can also be streamed on Disney +.

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