“Kyrie Irving, stop filming Lebron James in the stands!”: Lakers fans hilariously laugh at fan who snuck into mini training camp and taped the King and his team

NBA Twitter gives its flowers to a fan who snuck into the stands of his school to record the mini Lakers training camp hosted by LeBron James

The NBA is full of fans who would do anything to get a glimpse of their favorite team / players in person. While a lot of people go to arenas for the same, sometimes others get lucky and meet the stars outside. One of those lucky fans was able to attend LeBron James and the Lakers 21-22 squad in person.

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As LeBron James announced earlier this week, he’s hosting a 3-day mini-training camp for the Lakers in Las Vegas. This is one of the last chances for the team to bond and reunite before the start of the preseason. With all the new pieces the Lakers have added, this camp is crucial in making sure things run smoothly during the season. Lucky for us, a fan gave us insider pictures of the same as well.

Fan hides under bleachers to save LeBron James and the Lakers

A student at Durano High School in Las Vegas recorded a video of the Lakers’ training camp. He then uploaded the same to his Twitter.

NBA Twitter was really impressed with the same. At the same time, there were a lot of questions about the angle of the video shoot. It seemed like the fan was hiding under the bleachers to register the same.

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The fan clarified and said he was under the door, not the bleachers.

Wherever he could hide, it was a foolish gesture on his part to record the same, and we appreciate the same. Congratulations to the young man, and send us more videos.

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