Laotian government and Chinese company consider production of Covid-19 vaccine

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times / Asia News Network): The government is in talks with a Chinese pharmaceutical company about the possibility of producing a Covid-19 vaccine in Laos.

Health Minister Dr Bounfeng Phoummalaysith and a representative of the Chinese company Stemirna Therapeutics, Ding Yuefan, met recently to discuss the company, according to the Center for Information and Education for Health.

The two sides discussed the possible construction of a factory in Laos where the vaccine would be produced and distributed throughout the country.

The factory would be a central facility for the production of vaccines and also for the storage of imported vaccines.

The proposed venture would be a huge boost to Laos in its efforts to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak, with Lao citizens benefiting from easier access to the vaccine.

If approved, the vaccine ingredients would be imported, processed and tested on volunteers in Laos, and then manufactured by Pharmaceutical Factory No. 3, a Lao state-owned company.

An anonymous official from the Department of Health and Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Health said the name of the vaccine was not yet known and it was not clear whether it was the Sinopharm vaccine.

However, if the project comes to fruition, it would allow Laos’ vaccination program to be rolled out much faster than it is currently, he said.

During their talks, Dr Bounfeng and the representative of Stemirna Therapeutics also discussed cooperation to improve the professional knowledge and skills of medical staff and modernize the equipment of Laotian hospitals where people who have contracted Covid-19 are under observation or treatment.

They agreed that medical experts from both countries would join efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 through the use of vaccines.

Stemirna Therapeutics was founded by a group of Chinese researchers and academics in Shanghai in 2016.

Stemirna Therapeutics is the first biotechnology company in China to introduce mRNA-based therapies using a high-end nanoparticle formulation platform and to conduct continuous research and inventions so that it can provide health care. health and more effective therapeutic solutions.

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