The summer cottage and backyard area will become a place for everyone to relax from the hustle and bustle of their daily life , refresh their souls and gather their thoughts. Spending time at your summer cottage is possible at any time, not limited to visiting an out-of-town home during the summer holidays. Many summer home owners move to their ‘nest’ for the whole summer and get into a garden swirl of flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Your summer house is very different from a rented outhouse, such as a holiday home. First, you don’t have to pay for living; secondly, you do not have to ask for permission to go on holiday at any time, and thirdly, you can do everything in your summerhouse that comes to your mind (beekeeping, making loud friends, changing the interior of your house, etc.).

How to become a summer cottage owner?

How to become a summer cottage owner?

You can rent or purchase it with a mortgage to finally have the long-awaited summer home available to you. In the first case, however, you will have to keep in mind that this is not your home, so all the big activities on the summer house and backyard will have to be coordinated with the farmhouse owners. Renting a holiday home will also require additional expenses – you will have to pay a monthly or yearly rent.

Buying a summer home with a mortgage loan means you become the owner of the home and the land immediately after signing the credit agreement. Usually people who already have their own apartment or house purchase such cottages.

But there are exceptions, such as: a married couple buying a summer home with a mortgage to retire outside the city after retirement. Until moving to the summer cottage, the couple can use a rented apartment if they do not have their own home, but only on weekends and holidays.

Difference between a summer house and an ordinary private home?


First of all, the summer house is not comparable to a well-equipped residential house because it does not have a high-quality heating system . Most bungalows are for summer use only. During the cold months of the year such houses are not heated or have a simple stove heating (fireplace).

In order to stay in such a house in winter, the building must not only have a heating system but also an appropriate wall thickness, and the walls must be insulated to keep the room warm for longer. If, however, the summer house is a full house with all amenities and communications, but located outside the city limits, its price will be almost no different from the price of a private house in the city center.

Therefore, if you want to save or buy a summer home that is not suitable for living there all year long, be prepared for many problems.

Various summer cottages

Various summer cottages

Even cottages with their own backyard farmhouse can be different from each other just like ordinary private homes or apartments. When evaluating their financial capabilities, the prospective summer homeowner must choose the home he or she is able to buy. A simple little home without expensive finishing touches and communications will be affordable for almost every middle-income family. But if you want to buy a luxurious suburban home, you are ready to invest a substantial amount of money in the summer house, and in the future you are preparing for regular outhouse maintenance.

The price of a holiday home may also be affected by its geographical location. For example, a small chalet 10 meters from the sea will cost as much as a decent home in the center of a big city.

How to choose the ideal option for yourself and make no mistake: not to overpay and buy a “foreign” chalet from the hands of fraudsters? You most likely need to contact a real estate agency that specializes in selling summer homes. It is possible that the wide variety of offers offered by the broker will open up new unexpected variants that will be 100% suitable for you. In any case, buying a holiday home is a good investment that will not let you make a mistake.

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