Local streaming series gearing up to film in Springfield, Chicopee and West Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — A high-concept streaming series titled “Chronos Mercury” is gearing up to shoot in Springfield, Chicopee and West Springfield.

The series is a production of Springfield Mass Studios and Cellar Door Productions, with the first filming date set for April 24. “Chronos Mercury” executive producer Bryan James McFarland explained that the series represents a myriad of talent from local communities.

“We have a tremendous surplus of smart, creative people in our local communities. The cast, cast and crew are local. The production companies are local. The musicians brought together to create the score are local. The artists are local…[There’s] so much local talent here. We’re saturated with it,” McFarland said in an announcement to Reminder Publishing.

McFarland shared that the pre-production process for the series began in late 2021 by collecting interested inquiries via email. Shortly after, the executive producer said nearly 200 people had reached out to join the production. “We had so many people who wanted to be a part of this…[but] we only need a few dozen to do the show,” McFarland said.

The executive producer expressed his pride with the final cast and crew reuniting for “Chronos Mercury.” The ensemble includes authors, podcasters, musicians, and other versatile talents. “Everyone is special in at least one way, but a lot of them are special in so many ways… They are all extremely gifted people right here in our communities,” McFarland said.

Although plot details are being kept under wraps, the series is set to take place in different time periods. The series premier will feature one of the characters, Samuel M. Michaels, who will move from Manhattan to Springfield in 1885. In preparation for filming, McFarland said the cast and crew recently captured professional headshots via 35 millimeter cameras to transmit the “authentic” series. ” watch.

The executive producer emphasized that “Chronos Mercury” will be defined by its creative team, with the character’s thin backstories allowing the cast to define the roles as their own. The assembled cast and crew also own part of the project as part of their deals, according to McFarland.

“It’s a very simple concept: if you work hard for creative art, something like that, then you should own some of it. It’s also a great motivator and incentive to do your best because you’re invested in it,” McFarland said.

Actor Noah Aronstein, who plays a young thief, shared that the series marks an exciting development for local communities. “Western Mass. is very underrepresented, especially in film, compared to other parts of the state. So it’s very satisfying for me every time a movie shoots here,” Aronstein said. The actor also shared that the project’s mysterious narrative drew him to the production.

Director Takeshia Crowder also expressed her excitement for the upcoming project. “As a team member helping behind the scenes, I can already say that Springfield will now be known as the birthplace of basketball and ‘Chronos Mercury’. I hope the world is ready,” Crowder said. .

McFarland shared that filming will take place over the summer with the goal of releasing the production for the fall. The executive producer aims to submit the series to Amazon Prime by the end of the year.
Readers can learn more about Chronos Mercury and its production updates at https://www.facebook.com/ChronosMercury.