MAMAMOO’s Solar Is 100% Relatable As She Fights Hunger While Filming ‘ILLELLA’ » GossipChimp

MAMAMOO just came back with “ILLELLA”, but while Solar is usually a very bubbly and loud person, Solar couldn’t maintain her normally perky spirit for this scene, due to an issue we all dealt with: the hanger.


It also didn’t help that she could barely take a break, let alone sneak in a snack.

As everyone knows, when you enter the hangry section, everything drives you crazy. It didn’t seem like Solar would have the ability to eat anytime fast, so as the day dragged on, she was clinging to her sanity by a thread.

She was also the first to shoot her own cuts, so any likelihood of a breakup is gone.

But as she always does, Solar’s professionalism shone through in the clip, mesmerizing everyone with her powerful charisma. There’s no way you can say his temper is bad, especially considering his dazzling smile.

Luckily, she was able to eat quickly afterwards, and the day after filming, she and the rest of MAMAMOO were back to their chaotic selves.

As a bonus to Solar’s hanger, yesterday’s long hours of filming left all the members exhausted. While their runway scene gave MOOMOOs heart attacks, in reality, they were all having trouble staying awake.

The women couldn’t include their laughter as they reflected on the previous night’s capture, with Solar impeccably mimicking Whein before shortly admitting that she too was completely irrelevant.

Thank you, MAMAMOO, for all your painstaking work and for producing the masterpiece that is “ILLELLA”. Check out the video clip right here: