Man jailed for filming neighbors showering, victim included 8-year-old girl

SINGAPORE: A man was jailed for 16 weeks on Thursday June 16 for filming three neighbours, including an eight-year-old girl, showering. He did it from the hallway of their condo.

Tok Zhi Xiang, 22, pleaded guilty to two charges of voyeurism. Three other charges were considered for sentencing.

The identity of the three victims, aged 8, 26 and 43, is protected by a gag order.

The court heard that Toh was returning home on the evening of March 7 last year when he decided to walk around the condo before returning home.

He noticed light coming from the window of the 26-year-old victim’s restroom and heard the sound of running water.

He then went to the common hallway outside the bathroom window with the intention of recording a video of his shower.

At the window, Toh lifted her cell phone and pointed it inside the restroom for a few seconds in record mode.

The victim was showering in the toilet at the time. Toh watched the video and saw that she captured her naked. He then went on to record a video of her.

While showering, the victim suddenly noticed a phone at the window. She screamed and told her father and brother.

Toh stopped filming when he heard the victim scream and immediately deleted the video from his phone.

He was approached by the victim’s father and brother, but claimed to have nothing to do with the incident and lied that he saw two people walking away quickly.

The men called the police. When they arrived, Toh admitted he was the person who filmed the victim showering.

Toh’s phone was seized and police found 14 obscene videos.

Forensic examination of the phone revealed that it had recorded the three victims naked in their toilets on at least three other occasions.

Four days before being caught, Toh had recorded the 26-year-old victim, also standing in the common hallway and filming through the bathroom window.

He recorded nine such videos of her over a period of two minutes.

On February 9, 2021, while positioned in the common hallway, he also recorded two videos of the eight-year-old victim taking a shower at her home.

The penalty for voyeurism is a prison sentence of up to two years, a fine, caning or any combination of these penalties.