Manufacturing Company Announces $5 Million Expansion

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Doyle Equipment Manufacturing has revealed it will undergo an 80,000 square foot expansion worth $5 million. The Palmyra, Missouri, manufacturing company added that the development would create 50 full-time jobs.

New positions include production welding, production assembly, machining, fabrication, service, maintenance, product design and sales. Doyle, a family business which turns 71 in business in 2022, moved in 2016 and then employed 85 people.

The expansion will increase production space to 275,000 square feet and the number of employees to more than 240. Catie Doyle, Director of Human Resources, said the company is excited to see how the expansion is boosting people working for Doyle and the region in general.

Doyle Enterprises President Monty Doyle commented on the effect of increased manufacturing space for the company’s automated mixing systems and soft product lines.

“That means more people will stop at local gas stations on their way to work, eat at local restaurants during breaks, and shop at local stores on their way home,” Doyle said. “We’ve also seen more employees from Illinois moving into Marion County.”

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