Matrix Resurrections’ incredible John Wick cameo explained

The Incredible John Wick cameo from Matrix Resurrections features franchise director Chad Stahelski as an actor for the film

Matrix resurrections includes an incredible John wick cameo that probably would have stuck out most viewers’ heads, but it’s quite perfect. In the fourth suite of The matrix franchise, there is a heavy reliance on the meta aspects of the film and The matrix himself. Neo by Keanu Reeves and Trinity by Carrie-Anne Moss are reintroduced in the new version of The matrix and lead very different lives from what audiences saw in the original trilogy. Neo is now a game designer, having done the “Original Matrix Trilogy” in video game form and Trinity is a married mother with children who builds motorcycles. Who Trinity is married to is most interesting, however, as he’s a very familiar face, albeit usually behind the scenes.


Chad Stahelski is a stunt coordinator and director who has worked on many high profile films throughout his career. One of his first big gigs was the double of Brandon Lee after his tragic death on the set of The crow. Lee’s face was digitally placed on Stahelski’s body for the necessary shots at the end of the film, which was the first time this had been done on a Hollywood production. Subsequently, Stahelski served as Reeves’ stunt double on the original. The matrix trilogy, helping coordinate the fight scenes and develop the action for the film. He went on to form the famous 87Eleven action design stunt team with director David Leitch, whose first he co-directed. John wick film with. Subsequently, Stahelski took over the franchise, while Leitch also left on his own, directing films like Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw.

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In Matrix resurrections, Stahelski presents himself as Trinity’s husband in the new Matrix, where he mainly serves to distance her from Neo’s influence, always under the guise of a family emergency. His appearance in the film serves as a meta connection, seeing as he was Reeves’ stunt double in the original. The matrix trilogy, now acting as Trinity’s fake love interest in Resurrections. It’s just as ironic, because Stahelski himself became a director and now directs the John wick series, having realized John wick 2-4 alone, with the fifth film on the way.

John Wick director Chad Stahelski as Chad in Matrix Resurrections

chad stahelski

Stahelski’s Chad aka “Handsome Chad” in Matrix resurrections may be thought of as a simple cameo, but its connection to Reeves, director Lana Wachowski and The matrix the franchise itself makes its appearance even more compelling. Reeves recently commented on Stahelski’s appearance in the film, saying he and Wachowski had “true affection for each other.” Reeves went on to explain that there was a lot that Wachowski “Tried to intertwine in terms of life and art for all the characters in the film and the artists in the film” punctuating the meta-vibe of the film as a whole. However, Reeves believes Wachowski found humor in the fact that Stahelski was the husband of Trinity’s counterpart in The Matrix, called Tiffany in the film, because in a way he too played Neo in the films. Matrix originals. From that perspective, Trinity was always with Neo (at least behind the scenes). At the end of the movie, Chad tries to pull Trinity away from Neo one last time, when she resists and shoots him down, right after his eyes go dark, revealing that he’s part of The matrix.

Chad Stahelski’s story with the Matrix

chad stahelski

After being double for Keanu Reeves in the first The matrix film, Stahelski was promoted to stunt coordinator for The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions. In this role, he began to learn the ins and outs of cinema, claiming that he “went to Wachowski film school” while working on the movies. On set, Stahelski earned immense respect and bonded with the team members that have lasted to this day. Stahelski said he was “shocked” by the script for Matrix resurrections, which Wachowski sent him to the prospect that he is working on the film. Instead, he was hired to star in the film, which is a rare request for the prolific stunt director / coordinator. The director said Wachowski and his crew have been following from production to production since the first film, with many of them still friends who talk to each other regularly. With Reeves, Stahelski quotes “the same creative interests” (Going through THR) as what makes them work together until John wick franchise, saying they “I just like working on things that we like.”

Why Chad Stahelski in Matrix 4 is a perfect meta-casting

With Stahelski’s intense involvement in the original trilogy of The matrix and his deep professional relationship with Reeves, he made his appearance as an actor in Matrix resurrections perfect meta casting. Having been there from the start, then launched his own career from there, becoming a major Hollywood actor in his own right, Stahelski’s resume makes him a clever nod to Matrix resurrections installation. The film pokes fun at the reboot culture, as well as franchise cinema as a whole, in which Stahelski is now deeply rooted, ironically, with Reeves in the John wick franchise.

It’s a breathtaking connection that can be made in a number of different ways, from a simple guest appearance to a deep metaphorical dive into his role as double stuntman, stunt coordinator, and pillar of the franchise. Plus, it’s a bit humorous considering that John Wick 4 was originally slated for release on the same day as Matrix resurrections, which means Reeves and Stahelski would have been onscreen or behind the scenes of two films on the same day. John Wick can be completely separated from The matrix series, but it has its start there. Whichever way you look at it, it’s nothing short of a cool inclusion, because Matrix resurrections is all about the legacy and love, which Stahelski has shared with the franchise from the start.

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