Mattel’s Jurassic Park toy set recreates an iconic scene

Mattel recreates an icon jurassic park scene in their latest toy release, according to Yahoo Entertainment reports. The toy was part of the 12 Days of Fandom event, a celebration of the in-person return of San Diego Comic Con. This jurassic world The Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos piece is available for purchase online and will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con from July 21-24.

The set recreates the final moments of attorney Donald Gennaro’s addiction – we all know the scene. This deluxe set allows for many figure adjustments, such as containing a poseable, posable jaw and tongue. Created to mimic the rainy tone and aesthetic of the classic scene, the sound effects of dinosaur roars and a stormy atmosphere add the finishing touch to the well-designed toy box. This set will undoubtedly make its own mark on Mattel’s Jurassic World Hammond range.


jurassic park, released in 1993, is the first installment in a decades-long sci-fi horror franchise. The original film follows the story of paleontologist Dr Alan Grant and paleobotanist Dr Ellie Sattler, after they are invited to industrialist John Hammond’s theme park to provide safety certification commentary in exchange for funds for their excavations archaeological. They will be surprised when they discover that the theme park features real dinosaurs made from cloned dinosaur DNA. Although excited at first, things take a dark turn when the power suddenly goes out in the park, leaving them and the rest of the group vulnerable to the carnivorous monsters that genetic engineering has brought from the past. Needless to say, the park violates many violation codes.

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The film was extremely well received upon its release. It was the highest-grossing film of the time. It received much critical acclaim for its effects, including animatronics and practical dinosaur effects. It won three awards, including an award for Best Visual Effects at the 66th Academy Awards. Today, it remains a staple of cinema and a favorite of generations.

jurassic park is a classic, and it’s only fitting that a toy company like Mattel wants to recreate such an iconic scene. It is also a creative way to perform such recreational activities. jurassic park fans and toy collectors alike are brought together by this one and many will definitely want to pick one up as it covers all the bases.

Check out Yahoo exclusive images of the toy set below: