Minecraft Player Shows Off Spectacular Monster House Build

Players are known to make all sorts of amazing creations in Minecraftand one player did just that, building a haunted house based on the movie The monster house. While many players have shown their creative talent in Minecraft over the past two weeks, this unique build is definitely remarkable.

The monster house is a 2006 animated film produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks. As the film’s title suggests, one of the main highlights of the film was that the house in front of the main protagonist would come to life, seemingly behaving like a monster. Recently, a fan decided to see what this monster house would look like in the blocky world. Minecraft.


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In a post on Reddit, the creation themed after the movie The monster house was shown to the players. According to the creator, Reddit user DrTurtle420d2, the design was based on the house possessed by the spirit of a lady known as Constance Nebbercracker. In the image, the haunted house was sitting on green grass with a blue background behind it. While that might not seem like the most ominous setting of Minecraftthe user-created version of Reddit still managed to look creepy.

One of the design highlights of the Monster House included a porch that had morphed into jaws lined with what looked like razor-sharp teeth. Beyond that, the two windows on the second level of the house gleamed brightly, clearing the gaze of a pair of menacing eyes. Additionally, the artist created two large arms connected to the side of the building, reminiscent of those seen in the film, which allowed the monster house to move.

With the arrival of Halloween at the end of next month, many members of the Minecraft the community enjoyed this monster house recreation made by DrTurtle420d2. Many said they were nostalgic for the movie, and this unique build took them back in time. Among the comments, many said they loved watching the 2006 movie when they were kids, and DrTurtle420d2 added that it was one of their favorite movies. So many users liked the post on Reddit that it got over 21.4,000 upvotes in just over a week.

It’s nice to see talented builders like DrTurtle420d2 using the creative possibilities of Minecraft to keep memories of older movies and video games alive. In addition to this monster house design, other players have created in-game creations based on other spooky media. For example, a player has already created a recreation of the iconic prairie house seen in Courage the cowardly dog, another show featuring the paranormal. It will be interesting to see if other builders make any more Halloween-themed designs before October 31st.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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