Moviebook Showcases Complete Technology Solutions for Digital Commerce at CHITEC 2021 in Beijing, Contributing to China’s “30-60” Decarbonization Goal

BEIJING, September 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Moviebook, a Leading Provider of AI-Powered Intelligent Video Production Infrastructure and Services, Showcases Custom Self-Developed Products and Solutions for Digital Business Development at 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC 2021) in Beijing of September 24 to 28, 2021.

Relying on intelligent video production technologies and digital twin technology, Moviebook has developed a series of tailor-made products and solutions for the growth of digital commerce. Its solutions provide various industries, including traditional manufacturing and modern service sectors, with automatic production, digital management, and multidimensional visual and interactive presentations.

The miniature digital factory on display at CHITEC 2021 is a smart manufacturing base for digital commerce. As a representation of all terminals in the production line and their layout, the factory model demonstrates an automated production process of digitized goods with on-site introduction and demonstration of the product life cycle.

As an inseparable part of the production chain, Moviebook’s intelligent product information extraction terminal can automatically extract product information, create product models, and generate realistic interactive digital copies of products. Customers can access product information using multidimensional compositions, including appearance, texture, features, user manual and internal structure.

Also on display is Moviebook’s holographic production process simulation, which deploys simulation, space computing and AR technology to vividly demonstrate the production process inside the digital factory, allowing participants to better understand how physical goods can be converted into digital counterparts.

China aims to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 (“30-60“Decarbonization Goal), as echoed by the theme of CHITEC 2021 -“ Intelligence · Health · Carbon Neutrality. ”To this end, Moviebook supports the transition to a low carbon economy and society with its user manuals digital.

Moviebook’s digital user manuals, as displayed in its exhibit space, can help significantly reduce carbon emissions and thus contribute to “30-60“Objective of decarbonization by replacing paper manuals and at the same time providing an even better user experience.

A new cycle of scientific and industrial revolution is underway. The advancement of next-generation innovative technologies such as AI, VR / AR and 5G will lead to the disintegration and reintegration of the global value chain and promote green, healthy and smart development.

As a major player in intelligent video production, Moviebook is reshaping the industrial chain of intelligent vision. Building on its advantages in AI, computer vision, video structuring, deep learning, intelligent computing and more, Moviebook accelerates the integration between technologies and application scenarios and facilitates the development of high-end, precision and advanced industries.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, aims to strengthen the monetization capacity of media, retail, education and culture customers through intelligent vision. Building on the technological advantages of computer vision, computer graphics, Moviebook dramatically improves the efficiency of the production of visual content and innovates in the ways of presenting and interacting with this content. By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook pioneers various scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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