Opening titles rolling on the filmmaker’s journey | New

GREENSBORO, North Carolina (AP) — Kaleab Kurtz has learned a lot about filmmaking in recent weeks. And it’s not all about cameras and scripts.

It’s also about tight schedules, delays, difficulties casting unpaid actors, cutscenes, equipment failures, and how COVID-19 can pull an actor out of a production.

“It taught me to be more prepared and to always walk on set like you knew something was going to happen,” Kurtz said of putting the finishing touches on a movie.

The 18-year-old is one of 10 artists chosen for this year’s residency at Hyers at the Greensboro Cultural Center.

Creative Greensboro, the city’s arts and culture office, manages the program. It offers residencies of up to six weeks for dance, theatre, music, film and poetry projects led by creative individuals and organizations in Guilford County.

Artists enjoy free access to rehearsals and performances at the Stephen D. Hyers Theater, an 88-seat venue in the cultural center.

They also receive support with materials, equipment and marketing of residency activities.