Police officer harassed on TikTok

A group of men have shared footage of themselves harassing a female police officer who they believe is better suited to modeling.

A group of men have come under fire after targeting a female police officer with a barrage of inappropriate comments.

A man filming for the TikTok account blackmagictvv was heard saying, “Damn this one is nice”, while peers laughed in the background.

“Bro this one should be a model,” another man heard of the cop.

The officer appeared uncomfortable with the lewd comment and was shown looking around, trying to ignore the group of men.

A caption on the video, uploaded earlier this month, read: “She’s definitely in the wrong field.”

The man filming was heard saying, “that woman is beautiful” as she turned to face.

“She should be a model and not a policeman,” he added.

Nearly 3,000 people commented on the video, which has been viewed more than 2.7 million times.

“Little boys don’t know when to stop,” read one of the many comments criticizing the men.

“Bro is harassing someone doing their job because of how they look,” read another.

“Respect her, she deserves to be respected,” someone else wrote.

Dozens of others have called on the group to “leave her alone”.

The account regularly posts videos of police interactions.

“Show some respect boys,” said one viewer.

“She probably had a tough career dealing with this bullshit from criminals and co-workers,” another wrote.

A recent report found that a record number of Western Australian police officers are leaving the police force, with 340 officers leaving the service in the last financial year.

Sixty left the force in June alone.

“Our people said enough is enough, my mental health and family relationships are breaking down,” said Mick Kelly of the WA Police Union.

“They left because of a culture of senior managers who don’t care about workers and members, so that’s quite disturbing.”

Opposition police spokesman Peter Collier said officers needed better support options to cope with the daily stresses of the job.

“They go into situations, crime scenes, that are extraordinarily confronting,” he said.

“They need support.

“May I suggest to the prime minister that he come back from his jaunt overseas and come back and talk to the police at the coalfield.”