PRODUCTION: Áron Gauder is working on an animated film on Native American creation

BUDAPEST: The production of Áron Gauder Minden a rokonom is nearing completion. “The animation is 95% complete, with five minutes remaining in the 100-minute film. The final phase of the working process, compositing, is halfway through, and we’ll be done by the end of 2022. “said producer Réka Temple to FNE.

The film was previously titled As long as the grass grows in English, but the final title in English is not yet decided. Everything is my relative is the direct translation of the Hungarian title.

Minden a rokonom is a hand-drawn animated feature film based on Native American folk tales, which explains the creation of the world. It takes place in an ever-changing mythical world inhabited by animals, where the first humans seek their place. The present and the past intertwine in the film: the natives defend their homes and fight against the laying of oil pipelines in contemporary scenes.

By presenting the magical universe of Native American folklore, the film gives keys to understanding the present. “Although this is essentially an adventure film, Minden a rokonom actually has a message. It’s about how we’re slowly destroying the Earth because we humans think we’re special. Native Americans know that we are only a small part of creation. The story speaks of our shared responsibility to each other and to the Earth,” Réka Temple also told FNE.

Director Áron Gauder has been a fan of Native American culture since childhood as he grew up watching Gojko Mitic films and reading Karl May novels. The production is aware of tackling a sensitive subject, authenticity is paramount to it, and the folk tales of Native American tribes are treated with the utmost respect.

Two experts were also involved. Native American anthropologist and consultant Charles Cambridge, and Sundance Audience Award-winning director Chris Eyre Smoke signalschecked the script and visual design.

“We do not minimize the story, we like to speak to young people with meaningful and complex sentences, but this story is not tied to a specific age group, it can be enjoyed by children and adults. is like when you go to the woods and you like what you see,” the producer said.

The screenplay was written by Áron Gauder and Géza Bereményi, and the animation director is Zsolt Baumgartner. The film is produced by Cinemon Entertainment and 120 people work there. the National Film Institute – Hungary supported its production with a total of 1.9 million EUR / 707 million HUF. The total budget is approximately 3 million euros.

“We had made several short animations with similar themes, the collaboration had been completely smooth, so we also started working on Minden a rokonom whole. It’s been a long and bumpy journey, but overall very inspiring and creative, especially because our imaginations have been able to soar freely during covid,” the producer said.

Áron Gauder’s previous animated feature, The neighborhood / Nyócker (Lichthof Productions Ltd.) won numerous awards and was voted Best Animated Feature in 2005 at the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Minden a rokonom should be released in 2023.

Manufacturing information:

Cinemon Entertainment (Hungary)
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Director: Aron Gauder
Screenwriter: Áron Gauder, Géza Bereményi
Animation Director: Zsolt Baumgartner