Ralf Little shares funny video from the set of Death in Paradise

Death in paradise actor Ralf Little isn’t impressed with the rugged Caribbean weather.

The star behind the show’s current frontman, DI Neville Parker, Little posted a fun behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram yesterday (September 5) in which he avoids a downpour inside a catering tent.

He captioned the video: “The weather (not) always good in Guadeloupe …” Watch it above.


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“Well, we’ve just had lunch and we’re about to grab our food and err…” he said to the camera before heading to his damp surroundings. “Ugh. That’s not what I came to the Caribbean for!”

Little co-star Tahj Miles, who plays Marlon Pryce on the show, also makes a cameo appearance, complaining about his soggy shoes.

“Sad moments on Death in paradise“, laughs the actor from Neville.

dead in paradise, ralf little like Neville Parker

Red planet / Denis GuyenonBBC

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In other news, Little revealed in March which reality TV show he would hypothetically join in the future.

“Will [Mellor, his Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps co-star] and I talked about it on the podcast [Two Pints with Will & Ral‪f‬] and… [he] noted [he’d go on] I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! I was like ‘Really?’ Will said: ‘He’s the biggest and why not?’

“So I said I would be very interested in Ice dance, just for the fact that you are learning an entirely new skill. You are not able to ice skate and you would come out of that capable of doing triple axles or whatever they do, ”he added.

“So let’s just say I don’t have a specific plan to do one, but never say never.”

Death in paradise broadcast on BBC One.

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