Renowned production house Suresh Productions has completely lost track

In recent times, the reputed film production house, Suresh Productions, is associated with many low-scoring and uninspiring movies. It seems they are only interested in making a quick buck by producing mediocre remakes or lousy low budget movies that they can sell to OTT platforms and make a decent profit and move on.

At one time, Suresh Productions under the supervision of D. Ramanaidu was considered as one of the most prestigious banners in the Telugu film industry. Top actors and directors would be waiting for an opportunity to work with Suresh Productions.

Since Ramanaidu’s death in 2015, his eldest son Suresh Babu has been handling the production and business activities, and from the kind of movies the banner does, it can be said that Suresh Babu has not been able to to maintain reputation. Suresh productions.

Even Ramanaidu’s descendants like Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati don’t help much in taking the banner to the next level. Even they are opting for the low hanging fruit by making useless remakes and films with mediocre content. under the banner.

Hopefully in the near future, Suresh Productions will deliver exciting films and regain its lost luster.

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