Rooney Mara was really nervous on the set of “Nightmare Alley” because of a secret that was always on her mind.

Alley of nightmares is Guillermo del Toro’s first directing effort since his Oscar The shape of water. He brings a very talented cast in a psychological noir crime film. The girl with the dragon tattoo star Rooney Mara is part of the all-star cast. Mara recently opened up in an interview about how a secret she hid in Alley of nightmares the team made her very nervous during a particular scene with Bradley Cooper.

What is “Nightmare Alley” about?

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Alley of nightmares follows the story of Stanton Carlisle (Cooper). He appears at a carnival and ends up joining it as an employee. Stan is more and more involved in the company and its actions. He falls in love with a special talent named Molly Cahill (Mara). Despite the objections of others, their love takes them on a path where they use Stan’s mentalist tricks for a living.

One night, the couple meet a mysterious psychiatrist named Dr Lilith Ritter (Cate Blanchett). Stan sees an opportunity to work with her on his biggest project yet by cheating on the rich and powerful Ezra Grindle (Richard Jenkins). Molly doesn’t like the idea, but Stan’s ambition carries it through with the possibility of a huge payoff. He doesn’t know, the psychiatrist is playing a much more dangerous game.

Rooney Mara was “really nervous” filming one scene in particular

Mara and Jenkins recently appeared on Boo’s crew talk about Alley of nightmares. They discussed the frigid experience of filming on location in Toronto, Canada during the winter. In particular, the two cast spoke of working with del Toro and their fellow cast members. The podcast asked Mara what it was like filming the mentalist scenes alongside Cooper.

“I wish I could take some credit for that, but Bradley did most of the work because I’m right there as his lovely assistant,” Mara said. “But, yeah, it was really fun shooting those scenes, even though it was really smoky. We were shooting in that Copa venue for about a week, I would say.

Mara continued, “With all the extras and all the smoke. I was pregnant at the time, nobody knew it, but I was really nervous being in that smoky room. (Laughs) So, it was always on my mind, but it was fun watching the scene unfold.

Where to watch “Nightmare Alley”

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Alley of nightmares is currently not showing anywhere. Del Toro’s latest film hits theaters exclusively from December 17. The film will transition to home video, such as Blu-ray, once its exclusive theatrical engagement window ends. Doesn’t mean all hope is lost on seeing Alley of nightmares in the comfort of your own home for the foreseeable future.

Disney now owns the Searchlight Pictures distributor. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll land on Disney + anytime soon. The studio still has an ongoing deal with HBO, which indicates that Alley of nightmares will likely find its first home streaming platform on the HBO premium cable network and the HBO Max service.

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