Ryan Tudhope joins Framestore as Creative Director

Framestore announces Ryan Tudhope as the new Creative Director and VFX Supervisor to join its Films and Episodes team.

Tudhope worked as production-side visual effects supervisor on Top Gun: Maverick, providing flawless supporting visual effects for the biggest movie of 2022. The film once again soared to the top of the US box office over the weekend. Labor Day weekend, and also flies high on VOD as it tops all streaming charts.

Other recent projects bearing his creative imprint include Spiderhead (again working as VFX supervisor on the production side alongside director Joseph Kosinski) and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power for Amazon Studios – one of the biggest productions most anticipated episodic episodes in recent history.

A member of the Television Academy and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Ryan’s 25-year career as a creative director, visual effects supervisor and entrepreneur has seen him work on more than fifty first feature films and projects. episodic. He was co-founder and CEO of the VFX studio Atomic Fiction, where he led the growth of the studio to over 350 employees in Los Angeles and Montreal. Here he oversaw projects such as Ad Astra, Deadpool, Blade Runner: 2049, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ghost in the Shell, Game of Thrones, Star Trek Beyond and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which earned him an Emmy nomination.

Fiona Walkinshaw, Managing Director of Framestore, Film & Episodic, said: “Anyone – and I think that has to mean everyone at this point – who has seen Top Gun: Maverick knows what an exciting cinematic spectacle it is. The forensic attention to detail and absolutely seamless “invisible” FX work played a huge part in this, and they’re a testament to both Ryan’s creative and technical skills and the way he directed the Method Studios team from pitch to final pixel. We’re thrilled to have him join our growing global team, and we can’t wait to talk about his next project.

Ryan Tudhope, Creative Director and VFX Supervisor, said, “Having recently been on a whirlwind tour of Framestore studios in London, Montreal and Los Angeles, I’m even happier to join the team. Framestore is a collaborative, collegial studio focused on learning, developing, and pushing creative and technical boundaries – exactly the kind of work environment I was looking to foster with Atomic Fiction. Whether I’m chatting with artists, producers, or members of the R&D team, I’ve encountered a passion for storytelling and innovation, and couldn’t be happier to be part of such an open and inclusive.