Spotlight on Alumni – Andrew Plumley ’11

Andrew Plumley ’11 was a member of the men’s football and basketball teams and majored in philosophy. He is Senior Director of Equity and Culture at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).

Tell us about your role as Senior Director of Equity and Culture at AAM.

My job is to define our Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI) both internally and externally. What I really do is oversee all of DEAI’s external programming and content – initiatives, trainings and workshops to make sure we incorporate DEAI best practices into all external content (blogs, videos, magazine articles , webinars, speaking engagements, etc.). I also implement all of the DEAI change management internally at AAM, which means that I am an internal consultant and coach in matters of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion.

Andrew visited Machu Pichu in Peru in 2019.

You recently partnered with NESCAC as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant. What are you going to do in this role and why did you want to take on this role?

It’s a super exciting project and I’m very proud that NESCAC has chosen me to take on this critical league-wide work. I will support the conference and its many constituencies by creating a platform of shared understanding and learning for all. This means that I will be supporting the conference in creating foundational learning content that any student, coach, athletic director, and department can use to better integrate equity and inclusion into everything they do. I will be working closely with seven major constituencies including AD, ADID, SWA, DCI committee, CoSAoC, SAAC and Coaches of Color group. I will also support the conference in building the appropriate structures that will allow NESCAC to lead and support DCI throughout the conference for years to come.

Is there any advice you would give to current Middlebury student-athletes?

Don’t be in a hurry to do the next thing. Cherish the moment you are in and live in the present as much as you can. You will have plenty of time to figure out what and who you want to be, so don’t rush into becoming an adult. Believe me, becoming an adult is not what it is supposed to be! Haha!

What was your Midd Moment?

It should be the creation, production and recording of the song and music video for “Midd Kid”. My friends and I decided to do a satirical song about the life of Middlebury College, and the song ended up being a huge hit. A production company flew up and shot the clip, and it went viral. It was a really crazy time in 2010.

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