The horrific accident of AGT stuntman Jonathan Goodwin filmed as he is “slammed between cars” which ignite

AGT star Jonathan Goodwin’s horrific crash was filmed, showing the stuntman trapped between two cars as they burst into flames.

Production of America’s Got Talent: Extreme has been halted as the contestant was rushed to hospital to treat his serious injuries.


AGT’s Jonathan Goodwin had to be rushed to hospital after horrific stunt accidentCredit: BackGrid
The America's Got Talent: Extreme contestant slammed between two cars while attempting to perform stunt for the reality show


The America’s Got Talent: Extreme contestant slammed between two cars while attempting to perform stunt for the reality showCredit: BackGrid

Jonathan was performing his last stunt during a rehearsal for the NBC reality series when things got horribly wrong.

In the video captured from the shoot, the stuntman can be seen suspended in the air, hanging from a rope, with two cars also hanging on either side of him, a few feet apart.

Soon the stunt action begins and the two cars begin to swing towards Jonathan.

He appeared to be trying to jump on the rope, out of the way, but the rope broke and he got stuck between the cars.

From the clip, it looks like he could also have tried to break loose from the rope in time to miss the cars and fall on the inflatable on the ground, but the timing was wrong.

The result saw the two cars sandwich Jonathan between them and immediately burst into flames.

After the crash, Jonathan did not respond, leading the AGT: Extreme team to believe he was dead.

The stuntman had to be airlifted to a local hospital.

The police spokesman said: “He suffered serious leg injuries and several lacerations, and was airlifted to Grady hospital.

“He was transported in serious condition, but is currently alive, alert and in good health.”

The accident is now “under federal investigation”.

A spokesperson for the agency told The Sun exclusively, “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is aware of this incident and has opened an inspection.


A scary 911 call was recently made by a woman on the show’s set during the horrific accident.

The Sun exclusively obtained the 911 call made to Henry County Dispatch.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, “Where’s the tourniquet?” “

The woman said on the call, “We’re at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the set of America’s Got Talent.

“We had a man hanging from a cable with cars that were supposed to hit, and he didn’t fall in time and they hit him.

“He’s about a 40-year-old white man. He fell about 40 feet. He missed the airbag and landed on his head.

The appellant explained that Jonathan’s condition was “agonal and gestural”.

In 2020, Jonathan finished as a semi-finalist on AGT.

The stuntman was then invited to film for the Extreme Edition, which is hosted by Terry Crews and judged by Nikki Bella, Travis Pastrana and Simon Cowell.

The collision caused the cars and Jonathan to burn


The collision caused the cars and Jonathan to burnCredit: BackGrid
He was rushed to hospital in critical condition


He was rushed to hospital in critical conditionCredit: Jonathan Goodwin / Instagram
The stuntman was in a


The stuntman was in “serious condition” but is “currently alive, alert and in good health”Credit: Getty
AGT stuntman “landed on his HEAD”, claims 911 caller after terrible accident

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