The Iron River brothers collaborate on a new film

DOOR COUNTY, Wisc. (WJMN) – Iron River natives Anders and Davin Lindwall recently completed their feature debut titled “God Loves the Green Bay Packers”.

“It’s really a family, kind of a comedy drama about an old farmer,” said writer / director Anders Lindwall. “It’s technically happening in Wisconsin, in northern Wisconsin. But it’s the story of an old farmer and his granddaughter who find out their farm is going down, their little family farm they’ve had in their family for a long time. They try all the options to save what they have worked for all their lives. The granddaughter comes up with this kind of hello mary idea of ​​trying to save their family farm [by] work a deal with the bank on whether or not the Packers win the Super Bowl. “

The Lindwall brothers attended West Iron County High School, where their love for photography, film and all things creative began. In a looping moment, the brothers were able to offer a current student at West Iron County High School the opportunity to film behind the scenes.

“We had a high school teacher, Lee Rometti, who gave us a lot of creative freedom and in my last year I had six of my seven classes with him with independent studies, photography and film, so I the 24 hour martelais and Anders was making ski films at the time because he was semi-professional in skiing, like freestyle skiing. So Mr. Rometti pushed him to create videos of himself to kind of push that through, ”said Davin Lindwall, senior producer of the film.

The main actor of the film is Craig T. Nelson, a notable Hollywood actor who has appeared in films such as Poltergeist and Incredibles 2. Charlie Berens, a native of Wisconsin and comedian, also makes an appearance. Local farmers brought their goods, equipment and farming knowledge to the Lindwall brothers and their crew. Although this is a movie with big names, the Lindwall brothers want audiences to focus on the true meaning of the movie.

“For us, we really just wanted to show something beautiful, good and real. And for us, where we grew up, there were so many loyal people who just didn’t care about all of these big things in the world but just took care of the little thing in front of them, ”said Anders Lindwall. “We absolutely loved it and think it’s a very important part and truly an un-celebrated voice in the world is made up of people who are truly loyal to their families, loyal to their community, loyal to their jobs and taking care of their lives. little things a little right in front of them.

“God Loves the Green Bay Packers” is currently in post-production and is slated for release in 2022.

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