The Wheel of Time’s Josha Stradowski explains Rand’s self-sacrificing love for Egwene

Josha Stradowski of The Wheel of Time talks about her character Rand al’Thor’s decision to sacrifice everything in the hope of saving the world.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Wheel of Time, Season 1, Episode 7, “The Dark Along the Ways,” available now on Prime Video.

The wheel of time Josha Stradowski recently opened up about her character Rand al’Thor’s devoted love for Madeleine Madden’s Egwene al’Vere in the Prime Video series.

“I think he learned it pretty early on, and that lesson has become more and more evident as the story continues – that he has to sacrifice himself,” the actor said recently. Nerdist. “That’s what he did in episode one with the relationship he had with Egwene. He realized that she needed something else and that it wasn’t him. So he sacrificed himself. He accepted it for love, because he knowed that she needed to become that. And he loved her for what she could become.

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Stradowski also discussed another moment in Season 1 of the series when Rand put the needs of others first, explaining, “Then later in the story he tries to protect Mat and he tries to take care of. him, and he’s actively trying to find his friends. And then when he realizes he’s the Dragon Reborn. “

The actor added that, obviously, Rand would have wanted to share what he was going through with Egwene, but would not risk putting her in danger. “He knows what he has to face and he knows he has to go it alone,” Stradowski continued. “So he sacrifices what they have together again. It’s Rand’s thing I think – it’s sacrificing everything, everyone he loves, everything he knows, everything he believes. , everything. He’s trying to save the world. “

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It was finally revealed in Season 1, Episode 7 (“The Dark Along the Ways”) that Rand is the Dragon Reborn, also known as the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon and the most powerful male user of One Power magic. . Following a series of errors suggesting that one of Rand’s companions could be the Dragon Reborn, it was revealed to Rand during his time in the Paths that he was indeed the one prophesied.

Wheel of time Showrunner Rafe Judkins previously teased that the series would take its time to reveal the identity of Dragon Reborn. “For me, I always have to approach it like we’re going to tell the whole story that’s in the books. If we don’t approach it that way, then we’d be prepared to not stick the landing and those books. have such a great ending, ”he said at the time. “I really have to prepare to get there if we can. It’s not for me to decide in the end. If people are watching it and Amazon wants to keep doing more, I would like to keep expanding. this world. “

New episodes of The wheel of time air Saturdays on Prime Video. Season 2 production is already underway.

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