Three artistic groups are preparing to occupy an innovative space in the new development of Doyle Avenue – Kelowna News

The City of Kelowna is working with three arts groups to operate within an innovative new arts space in the heart of downtown.

The 6,000 square foot space will be part of a new development on what was the former RCMP site.

Known as the Creative Hub, the space is part of a $ 4.3 million set of equipment under development. The amenity package includes a new civic square and the extension of the Art Walk to Doyle Avenue.

Director of Cultural Services Christine McWillis told the council on Monday that the Alternator Center for Contemporary Art, the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers and the New Vintage Theater have all been working with the city and a consultant on ideas for the space since. the summer of last year.

“While there are many details regarding the layout of the space to be determined during the detailed design process and future steps, basically the Creative Center will provide space for production and performance, theater, film, music, dance, visual arts and other creative disciplines, workshops, talks, lectures, screenings and other programs, ”said McWillis.

“The plan provides for approximately 2,000 square feet of production and performance space, accommodating approximately 100 people.

“Gallery space of approximately 1,200 square feet. Space for set design and material preparation, video and audio editing booth and space for laundry rooms, washrooms, bar, co-working space, meeting space and storage space. “

McWillis says colocation with projects like this is gaining traction across the country given the current housing market and the demand for space.

“The Creative Hub is a new and innovative approach to providing much needed space for creative production and community art programming through a space sharing model in the context of private sector development in the cultural district. “

The Alternator Center and the New Vintage Theater both have space at the Rotary Center for the Arts, but McWillis says both have outgrown that space.

She adds that CAN has a waiting list, so shouldn’t have a hard time filling those spaces once they’re vacant.

The detailed design of the space and other work is expected to take place through 2022 and 2023.

There is no timetable yet for the start of construction of the building itself.

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