VFS Partners with The Coalition, Blackbird Interactive and A Thinking Ape for $150,000 ‘Women in Game Design’ Scholarship Fund

Game developers recognize that 44% of their customers are women and that equity in the gaming workspace should be a priority. The best way to bring about this change is to get more women making games in the industry.

The Women in Game Design Fellowship is a collaborative initiative between VFS and Vancouvergame studios based at The Coalition (armament of war franchise), Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld 3, Hardspace: Shipbreaker) and A Thinking Monkey (Party in my dorm, Kingdom of Heckfire).

Three full courses plus three $10,000 and five $5,000 partial scholarships will be awarded and can be applied to all remaining start dates for 2022 at VFS. Full course winners will be selected directly by The Coalition, Blackbird Interactive and A Thinking Ape.

While the three full-tuition winners will enroll in VFS’s Game Design program, the partial-tuition winners will choose between VFS’s Game Design, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, programming for games, web and mobile, sound design for visual media, writing for film, television and games, and VR/AR design and development programs. VFS recognizes that these programs, collectively, prepare students for the many careers available in the video game industry.

Additionally, the three full scholarship winners will each receive private mentorship from design professionals at top AAA studios The Coalition, Blackbird Interactive, and A Thinking Ape, as well as their instructors at VFS. Upon graduation, these three winners will also receive a six-month paid employment contract in their respective studio.

The Coalition will also offer the same mentorship and internship opportunities to two partial winners – one who enrolls in the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program and one who enrolls in the Sound Design program, while Blackbird Interactive will offer also the same mentorship opportunities to a partial winner who enrolls in the Game Design program. A Thinking Ape will also provide mentorship and a paid internship to a partial winner who enrolls in 3D animation and visual effects.

“Video games tell stories that connect, entertain and inspire us. More than ever, we need those stories to be told by and for people from all walks of life and perspectives. The Coalition is thrilled to partner with VFS and Blackbird Interactive to mentor, train and hire more women in creative roles so their voices, experiences and stories better shape the games of tomorrow.” Mike Crump – Studio Manager, The Coalition

“A growing number of diverse profiles continue to join our industry, bringing their unique perspectives. However, true progress should not be measured solely at an industry level, but by role and discipline. With this scholarship focused specifically on game design, we want to highlight the importance of making sure these design positions are as accessible to women as other roles. We want to hear their unique voices and see their touch on our product design. .Diverse design makes our games, and our industry as a whole better.” Rory McGuire – Creative Director, Blackbird Interactive

“DCI has always been extremely important to me on a personal level. I enjoy talking to people with different points of view and helping me learn more about the world also leads to better decision making, both in as a human being and for our products at A Thinking Ape. I’m thrilled that ATA is supporting the Women in Game Design initiative and I’m grateful for the small part I can play in making the industry a better and more welcoming. Chloe Chan – Art Lead, a thinking monkey

“VFS is honored to once again offer the Women in Game Design Fellowship, in partnership with The Coalition and Blackbird Interactive, to promising female game developers. This year, we are thrilled to extend the Game Design Program Fellowship to include our 3D animation, programming, sound design, writing and VR/AR programs, which we believe will provide our talented winners with unparalleled opportunities to explore all facets of the gaming industry This scholarship aims to bring more women into key roles at tech companies, so they can one day become design leaders and shape the games of tomorrow. We look forward to finding and supporting these champions. Christopher Mitchell – Responsible for Game Design and Programming for Games, Web and Mobile, VFS

For more information on the 2022 Women in Game Design Scholarship, or to apply, visit https://vfs.edu/scholarships/women-in-games.

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