Video of construction workers fighting goes viral, others on site just watched as man was punched in the head

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A video of two construction workers fighting went viral last week. The 16-second clip garnered over 12,000 views in four days. The fight reportedly took place at a construction site of the Bukit Batok-Tengah link project.

According to Zul, the netizen who took the video, the man to blame was the security guard on site. In the comments section, other netizens said the security guard was the one wearing a blue helmet and could be seen in the clip using his cell phone to record the fight.

In the clip, two men could be seen brawling while holding a pole between them. One of them was wearing safety gear, a helmet and a jacket. It’s unclear from the clip who used the pole to attack the other, but as the fight progressed the man in the helmet seemed to gain the upper hand, slapping and punching his opponent.

In the comments section, many asked why people around didn’t come to help, but Zul wrote that they were all more interested in filming the incident than stopping it.

Recently, videos of a fight between two men in a cafe also went viral online; one used nearby plastic chairs to defend himself, while another attacked with a knife.

“Bukit Mera! wrote Facebook user Patrick Tan on Wednesday, June 29, referring to the venue as a fight between two men.

Mr Tan’s message included a video of a man in a black shirt charging towards another man with an object believed to be a knife in his hand.

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