Video production company Winchester says NIL changes will open doors

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) – Starting Thursday, Kentucky state college athletes can be paid for their name, image and likeness.

Jason Epperson, owner of Eppic Films, shot commercials with former Wildcats Benny Snell Jr. and Kash Daniel that aired during the Super Bowl.

He sees the change to the NIL rules as an opportunity.

“Now that they’re going to give these kids the option to pay them while they’re still in school, that opens up a lot of doors for us,” Epperson said.

Epperson says he’s concerned about the potential red tape going forward with these deals.

“I’m not sure exactly how the whole structure of our working with them is going to work completely, but I’m trying to figure it out right now,” Epperson said.

The UK has published guidelines for its student-athletes on what they can and cannot promote. Some of the unauthorized promotions include lotteries, casinos, adult entertainment, tobacco products, any sportswear or apparel during all team activities, healthcare.

Current British basketball player Dontaie Allen launched a clothing line on Thursday after midnight.

Epperson released a documentary called “Sixth Man: Bluesanity” in 2013. British players of the time were interviewed.

“I’m just wondering what I should pay these guys to have them in our movie.”

Going forward, Epperson hopes to align the right athletes with the right sponsors while following the guidelines.

“How do we create dynamic and fun videos for these athletes and tag them with a sponsor at the end,” Epperson said. “Give them some money, give me some money, let’s all be happy.”

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